Healthy Habits Lead to a Healthier Life: Write 31 Days

People are always talking about having a healthy lifestyle. We are bombarded with ads telling us what we need to do to be healthy. They often try to shame us into thinking if we don’t use their products we will never be healthy. 

Being healthy is more than just exercising, eating right and keeping a good weight. I believe each of the following are important for a healthy lifestyle:

  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Rest
  • Work
  • Leisure
  • Fresh air
  • Mental and spiritual well being

Healthy Lifestyle
Beginning October 1, I plan to join #Write31Days. I will use it to keep me accountable as I work towards a healthier way of life. Hopefully I will make new habits and revive some that have fallen by the wayside. 


Exercise is on the top of my list, because I need to lose weight and strengthen muscles. Most days I follow a 15 minute routine developed by Teresa Tapp. Along with that I plan to take walks and ride the exercise bike a few times per week.I believe it will not only help me feel and look better, but be better able to do my work. Click To Tweet

Food also plays a big part, because we all need food to survive, right? I’m not a fan of weight loss diets, because it’s too easy to put the weight back on once you stop the diet. The key is to take smaller portions. That can be hard, because if a food tastes good it’s tempting to eat more.By eating less, I can enjoy favorite foods and still lose weight. Click To TweetAt the end of the 31 Days we’ll see if I am right.


Rest, work and leisure also contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I do not go to a job, but there is much to do at home with writing and chores. Leisure includes time for art journaling, reading, taking a walk to get fresh air, or practicing some other form of self care. 

I also plan to read scripture and pray each day. Music also plays a big part in my life. I enjoy word games with friends, and also a little Sudoku, Blendoku and Spider Solitaire. I’ve heard that playing games is a good way to exercise your brain. Click To Tweet Reading a book for information or from a different viewpoint is great for stretching our minds.


This is not a “how to” and the path is not crystal clear. I make no promises of success, but at the end of the month I plan to be well on the way to a healthier lifestyle.

Each day I will share snippets from part of my daily activities. On Tuesdays I will share a recipe our family enjoys. Sundays will include a poem or scripture with a photograph.

I also gave myself a challenge to use the 31 Days of #FiveMinuteFriday FreeWrites in my daily posts. Impossible? We’ll see!


I’d love to have you join me for this #Write31Days challenge. Along the way, maybe you will be inspired, too. Feel free to share your own tips or struggles, and we will encourage each other.

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Five For Five Minute Friday

When I started my first blog three years ago, I joined Five Minute Friday for my first post. I often wondered if I’d find enough to write about in a blog, but FMF kept me going with prompts every week. I always love a challenge of a prompt to give me inspiration to write. Click To Tweet

Our word prompt for this week is FIVE, and the first thing that came to mind was that early on my husband and I decided we’d like to have five kids. We were impressed with our pastor’s family who had five and we thought it was a nice number.

Well, we got our five and then some. Click To Tweet God had something more in mind and gave us a quiver of seven kids. We are so blessed to have our four daughters and three sons. There are 13 grandchildren, and 5 of them are girls. Oh, and my oldest daughter has 5 kids.

Five is an interesting number.

There are 5 days in a work week, usually.

Each hand has 5 fingers and each foot has 5 toes.

Special Announcement

My five minutes are up, but I have a special announcement! On Monday, September 26, our own Five Minute Friday book will be released! Click To Tweet I am one of many who has contributed to it. My copy arrived today and I’ve already enjoyed reading some of the entries. 



All proceeds go to two ministries in South Africa: The Vine School and the Ten Dollar Tribe.

When you purchase a copy, you’ll not only enjoy some good articles, but you will be helping two wonderful ministries.

I am blessed to be a part of this wonderful book!

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Listen to the Sounds All Around

The prompt for Five Minute Friday this week is the word listen. It reminded me of an old song by Ken Medema called “Listen” which is on the album “Fork in the Road.” Here are some of the words:

Listen to the sound of the falling rain
Listen to it tapping on the windowpane
Listen to the engine on a big jet plane
Listen to roar of a subway train

The other verses go on listing all the different things that we might listen to each day. After the verses, this is the chorus that is repeated:

Hey Mama, Mama, do you hear your children crying,
Or do you have too many things to listen to?
Hey Daddy, Daddy, do you hear your children crying,
Or do you have too many things to hear?

Then it goes on to ask the same questions of the children. It’s a powerful song. I tried to find a recording on the internet to share with you, but it was nowhere to be found. His website does have the album to purchase as a download.


Things to Hear Every Day

Every day there are things to listen to, but I wonder how much we actually hear. Click To TweetI decided to sit still for a few minutes this afternoon, close my eyes and listen. It was pretty quiet here because everyone was napping except me. This is all I heard:

Steady droning of rain
Tick tocking of the clock
A car going down the road
Faint sound of my laptop
An unknown high pitched sound
A cat meowing

It’s not a very big list, and I wonder if there are things I missed. I think I’d like to take time every day to stop for a few minutes to see what I will hear.


Listening is an important skill. Click To Tweet The reason I call it a skill is that I believe we often don’t listen well. When we differ with someone we need to make it a point to really listen to each other. Rather than trying so hard to convince someone of our position, we should try to understand them and how they came to their position. We may not come to an agreement, but we will certainly understand each other better.

I know another song about the word listen by Michael Card called “Will You Not Listen?” It’s a reminder that God has spoken life and hope to us and we need to listen. This one I did find on YouTube.

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Time to Say Goodbye: My Last Day as #LMMLinkup Host

Welcome back to Literacy Musing Mondays! This is my last post as a host, though I intend to continue to linkup. It is time for me to step down, because I can’t give it the attention it deserves. My life has some extra challenges during this time, and my family comes first. Thank you for allowing me to be one of your hosts for these past few months.

During my time as host, I have met new bloggers and made new friends. I am thankful for this and want to continue interacting with you as we share our posts together.

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By Lisa at Syncopated Mama


Often parents are looking for ways to teach Math to their children who may find it difficult. Lisa has put together a list of videos that will help make math interesting and fun to those who are not excited about Math. Check it out! I’m sure you’ll find it helpful if you are teaching children.

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