Locks, Keys and Hidden Dreams of the Heart

Lately, I’ve been working on writing new poems and revising old ones. This past week I’ve spent time editing and updating one from a few years ago. A photo prompt in an online writing group first inspired this poem about locks, keys and hidden dreams. Here is the photo followed by the poem.

picture with locks from write in

photo in public domain


So many locks
large, small and rusty. Scarlet thread so bright
weaving in and out lends a ray of light

Could they be locks
symbolizing doors leading to my heart,
waiting for the keys to open each part?

My heart is deep.
Layers are obscured. None can see inside.
Darkness embraces. Must I always hide?

No! Keys are found.
Doors swing open wide. Layers are revealed.
Only one remains, resolutely sealed.

Bursting out the door
at the last key turn, secret thoughts and dreams
clamor to be free. “It’s too soon!” I scream.

My cries are unheard.
Secrets are no more. I can hardly stand.
Breathing comes in spurts. Who will hold my hand?

Strong arms surround me;
A gentle voice speaks. Child, don’t be afraid,
I will never leave. My strength will not fade

Now I understand.
I must share my dreams, not lock them away.
Follow where God leads as I work and pray.

His love will guide me.
I don’t need to fear reactions of man.
My talents I’ll use in His divine plan.

                                               ~gayl wright


Do you hold your dreams under lock and key? Is God calling you to do something hard? Do you think your talents are not good enough? Do you often think you need approval from someone else? Are you afraid you may be rejected?

That was me a few years ago. The idea of a blog intrigued me, but I hesitated and wondered if I would have enough to write about. Finally, with my daughter’s help and encouragement, my first post was published in October of 2013.

I was very timid about it and most always had someone read it over before I hit publish. One of the things that helped me a lot was taking an online writing class and joining an online writer’s group. I still hesitated about calling myself a writer. Click To TweetWriters were people who published articles in magazines or wrote books. I was just an ordinary wife, mother and grandmother.

Gradually my confidence grew. The more I wrote the more I realized how much I loved it. Not only that, but somehow I knew God was calling me to use my writing as a way to glorify Him and minister to others. There is still a lot for me to learn, and I am by no means a professional. I still ask someone to read over a post for me occasionally, but most times I don’t worry about it. I write what is on my heart even though it makes me more vulnerable. Click To Tweet Because of that you would think I would be more fearful of how people would react, but it’s just the opposite.


Knowing that my identity is in Christ and not in my work, I can write with confidence. Not everyone will agree with me, but that’s okay. My job is to be true to what God has called me to do. There is no need to hide our talents. Let's unlock those doors and let them fly. Click To Tweet

My friend Kelly Balarie expressed it so well on the Cheerleaders for Christ facebook page. 

If God didn’t want you to be a blogger or minister, you wouldn’t be.
So, stop doubting your gift; open it and live it. ~Kelly Balarie

Take heart! Don’t listen to the lies that say you are not good enough. Go out and share your talents with a world that desperately needs more beauty and love.


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This post is short, but packed with power. Praying for our children’s learning is essential. I hope you take time to hop over and look at the post. I know it will bless you.

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She Walks to Find Her Own Path

*She walks
Knowing now what she must do
Caring not what others think
She follows her own new path
~gayl wright

Sometimes things happen in our lives that are unexpected and catch us by surprise. Things we never dreamed in our wildest imaginations come and try to tear us down. We can choose how to react to those unwelcome events. It could be easy to fall into a lump of self pity, but there is another way.

We may be caught by surprise, but God isn't. Click To Tweet
He has promised to be with us no matter what happens. He doesn’t always remove the hard thing, but He gives strength to move forward. Our lives may take a completely different turn than we expected. Dreams that once seemed real may turn topsy-turvy, but with God’s help we can hold our heads up high and push through.

She Walks

poem inspired by a photo prompt and recent events

Often when a life altering event happens, we go through stages that may seem like an emotional roller coaster. We need time to grieve and lament, which is not the same thing as self pity. There are legitimate reasons for our grief. Fear is another reaction we may experience. The future we imagined is now unknown. We wonder what else might happen.

Once we experience the initial hurt, grief and fear, anger often shows up. Click To Tweet Maybe someone has wronged you, which is hard enough, but the repercussions ripple on down to your children. Consequently their lives that were going along smoothly have abruptly changed and they are struggling with the same emotions as you.

As all these events are happening we often try to fix it ourselves. We forget the One who loves us, who wants us to bring all our burdens as offerings to Him. Yes, we will still feel the range of emotions, but when we give them to God, He offers peace in return.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart,and you will find rest for your souls.
(Matthew 11:28-29 NIV)

The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace. (Psalm 29:11 NIV)

With the peace, strength and wisdom that comes from God, we no longer feel so lost and alone. We then see from a new perspective and are able to come up with a workable plan. He also uses other people to help in ways we did not expect. As the body of Christ we empathize with each other whether weeping or rejoicing. We “bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.” (Gal. 6:2 NASB)

When we give our burdens to God, He doesn’t necessarily change our circumstances, but we are often given new direction. It may not be the path that some would have us take, but that does not matter. Click To TweetWhat matters is that we follow where Christ leads. He will help us know how to follow the path that is unique for us.


a page from my 2015 art journal

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*Here is the whole poem in case the photo is hard to read.


She walks
Leaving green meadow behind
carefully moving her feet
unused to the dirt and twigs

She walks
Eyes full of tears, on she goes
White lace dress tattered and torn
Why did no one understand?

She walks
Unsure of where she will end
but scrambling to get away
Faster now, more confident

She walks
Knowing now what she must do
Caring not what others think
She follows her own new path

Loyal to Christ with My Life

The #FiveMinuteFriday word for this week is loyal.

To whom or to what are you loyal?


Do you put requirements on your loyalty?

Are you loyal no matter what happens?

Have you given your loyalty to a person or a cause only to have them turn on you?


To me it means sticking by someone you love even when they seem to be moving away.

It means sitting with someone not saying a word when they just need to know you care.

It means sticking with someone and not giving up on them no matter how many mistakes are made.

Being loyal to someone often requires sacrifice on your part. Click To TweetBeing loyal to someone often requires sacrifice on your part, but when it’s someone you love you are willing to do whatever it takes.

My loyalty is first to Jesus Christ. He is the one who showed what true loyalty is. He was true to what God, His Father sent Him to do. He gave His life because it was the only way to provide redemption to us.


He loves us still and continues to be loyal as He intercedes for us before the Father. I don’t know about you, but that gives me cause for hope.

First, I want to be loyal to Christ, because He was first loyal to me. He never fails, but is always ready to forgive. He gives strength in weakness. His love is fathomless.

After Christ, I want to be loyal to my friends and family and anyone else who needs a friend. I know that He will enable me to be a true friend to those in need and to those I love.

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