Finding My Way Through the Muddle



Sometimes on this journey to a healthier lifestyle I find myself in a muddle as to what to do next. One cause may be that I don’t have a specific plan written out. Another may be that I’m trying too hard to incorporate the #5MFW prompts into my #write31days.  At any rate, sometime finding my way through the muddle is hard.




Days 6 and 7 I struggled about how to fit the prompts into the theme of a healthy life. With the help of others, I realized that I was over thinking it. “By trying so hard to get it right, I was making a muddle of things instead. This was supposed to be fun, but I was taxing my brain. When I had to think so hard to come up with a post, I was causing stress rather than eliminating it. That doesn’t contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

So rather than pressure myself into thinking I have to get it just right, I will have fun. I’ll begin writing and see what happens. Some days I may not even use the prompt. Though I suspect that if I’m not worrying about it, I will find a way to tie it in. Often, I may go over five minutes, but I will do my best.


Beautiful sky after the heavy rains of yesterday!




For the third day, after eating breakfast I took the remainder of my coffee upstairs. I have a special table and rocking chair by a window where I sit to have my devotion time. I finished up my Joshua study and then spent some time praying. I’m beginning to look forward to and cherish this morning time.




My exercise this morning was a nice brisk walk down the road and back up the hill of our long driveway. This time my husband accompanied me. We spoke with a couple of girls in the neighborhood and petted their dogs. It was refreshing and a good workout.


Took a second walk in the afternoon and enjoyed the sunlight!


Another healthy habit I want to develop is to drink 8 oz. glasses of water at least six times a day. So far today I have had about three. I plan to drink two more this afternoon and one tonight. I’ll let you know how I fare on that when I make my Monday progress report.




Whether you are participating in #write31days or not, I’d love to know how you are doing. Is it a struggle to write each day or do you find it easy? Do you have a plan or are you writing off the cuff? Do you feel like you may be making a muddle of things?


Please take a moment to share in the comment section and let me know how I can pray for you.


Friends have blessed me as they prayed for me when I struggled to write. I would be honored to do the same for you.

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11 thoughts on “Finding My Way Through the Muddle

  1. Wise words, Gayl. Sometimes we just need to lessen the stress. I began this writing challenge with a theme which soon expanded into an idea or two, then grew from there. Although I love writing (and pre-prepared some draft posts!), it’s still quite a challenge to get a new post out every day. Being mindful of my readers also means making sure to incorporate poetry every few days as well as purely prose posts.
    What has helped tremendously is already having some idea what to write about, plus a few poems that were written a while back but lent themselves well to the theme. Yet I can see how fatigue is badly affecting me, so I plan to maybe write a bit less and factor in some lighter topics as well as the more serious ones! Prayer and Holy Spirit inspiration are my fuel – and coffee, too!! Rest periods are essential. xo <3

    1. It is definitely a challenge to get a new post out every day. I love that you plan to include poetry every few days. It’s good to be mindful of the interests of our readers.

      I will pray for strength for you, Joy, and that you won’t be so fatigued. Writing less sometimes or factoring in both light and serious sound like very good ideas. Praying and being open to the Holy Spirit’s leading really help to give wisdom to know what to write and when to write it.

      Yes to coffee and also I like to have a cup of tea in the afternoon. Rest is an area I need to work on. I don’t like to take naps, but I could have earlier bedtimes.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. Many blessings to you! xo

    1. That’s great, Tara! I often forget to drink enough water which is why scheduling it in might be a good idea for me.

      Thanks for your encouragement. Blessings to you!

  2. I’m not in a muddle but I did take today off. I definitely have a plan and an outline but every time I sit to write, it is absolutely off the cuff. The Lord normally takes me down a totally different path than I thought I would go – but that’s how He works and I’m His to do whatever He wills!!!

    1. Taking the day off is wise sometimes, and I’m glad you’re not in a muddle. 🙂 I know what you mean about having a plan and then going a totally different way. God has a way of doing that. We can make plans, but we need to listen to His nudging and follow His lead. Sometimes that does mean writing off the cuff.

      I’ll pray that you have a restful Sunday and be refreshed as you jump back into #write31days.

      Blessings to you, dear Susan! xo

  3. Hi Gayl! I am not participating because of my travel schedule and because I also seem to lose my sense of the what and where the Lord might want me to go when I try to go with a prompt. I am watching the rest of you to see how this works out. I may well try this when my schedule is not in conflict due to travel. I applaud your healthy efforts. I am definitely aware as an older woman of the value and importance of my sleeping, eating, and exercise habits. Blessings on your weekend!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, Pam! Yes, sometimes a prompt could be a problem when it doesn’t seem to fit in with where the Lord is leading us in our writing. I think that’s why I decided not to worry about it if I don’t work it in. I’ll just do it when I can. Often I like using prompts because they sort of give me a jumpstart when I am stuck.

      Travel schedule can interfere if you take on a challenge like writing a blog post every day. I understand that. We are actually traveling at the end of the month, so I hope I can get ahead by the time we leave. If not, I’ll just do what I can.

      Blessings to you and have a great Sunday!

      1. Thanks for sharing ladies!! I haven’t been consistently writing everyday. God knows I want to. I work FT, run a business with my husband, and get home late on most days, so on Wed when I started writing in my blog, I had it only in draft mode. I spent two hours writing, but felt like I was trying too hard although I had a topic. Sometimes I can be hard on myself, so when I dony accomplish something fully, I am hard on myself. One of my passions is inspirational writing, but sometimes when I see all of you writing lots of awesome blogs daily, I find myself having to overcome comparison and thinking about “when will I ever get my next blog post published” in the midst of everything I have going on right now. I’ve been seeking God about casting my cares on Him and resting in Him, so the more I spend time with Him, the less I compare myself and the more I change my focus.

        1. It is hard when you work full time to have much time for other things. I think all of us are too hard on ourselves sometimes or have expectations that are too high.

          It’s hard not to compare with others, but each of us are unique. We have different needs and abilities. What is important is to remember that we are all needed and our words matter.

          You are right that the more time we spend with Him, the less we worry about comparing. We just want to do our best for Him.

          Blessings to you!

  4. Oh yes, I agree with so many comments already posted! 🙂 I’ve had a rough outline in place, but God has also redirected me as I have begun to write. And the challenge of posting every day, while dealing with a cold on top of illness, has depleted my energy. So for the weekend I have a few lighter posts lined up, and took time to just rest today! I am praying that the Lord will keep me going through another busy week, as Grandbaby #6 is due to arrive! I will keep you in my prayers as well, sister! I think you are doing amazing with your efforts for healthy living! –Blessings!

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