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Move, which is the #5MFW prompt, is an easy word to tie in with my 31 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle. I can sit far too long at my computer reading or writing. I need to find a balance which is one reason why I chose this particular theme.[bctt tweet=”Sitting for hours is not really a good idea for anyone, and it certainly won’t keep me healthy.” username=”GaylWright”]Friday afternoon I took time to plant some parsley, red cabbage and Brussels sprouts. They are all small right now, but I hope they will grow and give us some good food. While out there I found some lingering purple beans and white okra, only a handful.


Because I have not done my regular exercise for a couple of days, I decided to move with hoedowns. Maybe I’ll take a walk later which will also be a great way to move and enjoy the outdoors. 

I did walk down the hill and back and caught this lovely sky.

Second Week Inventory

This week I only did one or two days of T-Tapp, but I took walks most
every day.

I have done well eating smaller portions but still enjoying the foods I like. This seems to be working well as I have lost two more pounds this week.

This is an area where I still struggle. I’m not a very good nap taker and I’ve stayed up too late most nights. I need to make rest more of a priority.

My work includes house chores and writing. The writing is going well, but I need to put more effort into my home. This week I did take care of some of the clutter.

I haven’t done much in the area of leisure except that I spent time with a daughter and her kids and we had fun together.

Fresh air
Almost every day I get outside if only for a few minutes. When weather permits we keep our windows open to get as much fresh air as possible.

Mental and spiritual wellbeing
Except for a couple of days I had my morning time of scripture reading and prayer. For exercising my mind I still play the online word and puzzle games. I’m reading several books, but this week only spent time in one of them – the Five Minute Friday book. I also read blogs which give food for thought.

[bctt tweet=”I am happy with my progress in establishing healthy habits, but there is still work to be done.” username=”GaylWright”]I am happy with my progress at the end of the second week of establishing healthy habits. There is still work to do, but at least I’m moving forward.

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Five Minute Friday book is still available.

It’s filled with words of encouragement. I am one of many contributors to this wonderful book.



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4 thoughts on “Move for Your Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Keep going, Gayl, you’re doing so well! I love your balanced approach to being healthy. It sounds very holistic and considered. Being gentle and kind to yourself as you try to implement new habits is something I see in you, too. Keep on moving, because you are heading in the right direction! As you take a walk and crunch some leaves, see a glorious sunset, admire the view and get your hands close to soil, plant a few seeds and breathe, you are also feeding and nurturing your soul. Bless you, dear friend. xo

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Joy! I appreciate you very much.

      You are right. All those things do nurture my soul.

      Blessings to you, sweet friend!

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