Little Steps and a Poem of Grace



Little is the #5MFW #write31days word prompt for Day 16. Can you believe we are past the halfway mark on this journey of writing every day in October? Let’s continue to cheer each other on and lend support to our fellow bloggers. We can finish by taking little steps every day.





Healthy lifestyle habits don’t happen overnight. It takes one small step at a time, but those little steps added together are like building blocks. Consistency every day reaps those dividends we are looking to gain.

There are days when my little bit seems like it is not enough. The days when I fail to exercise or drink enough water or get enough rest can be discouraging. Sometimes it’s like taking one step forward and three steps back. On those days it can feel like no progress is made. In actuality every step means progress. I may fall back occasionally, but that is no reason to give up.

There is plenty of grace to go around, and I need to remember that when I start to be discouraged. Let’s not be hard on ourselves when we fall short of our goals. Remember that every day is new. We have another chance to build our habits by taking little steps and moving forward. When you start to feel down, look around and thank God for the little things.




Wherever you are in your writing or even in your everyday life, there is grace enough for all. I want to leave you with this poem I wrote some time ago.

Grace Enough for All

My fists are tightly closed
facing downwards
I open my hands
a symbol of letting go

saying goodbye to things
that cause me stress
that want me to despair
that show me I am broken

My fists are relaxed now
facing upwards
I open my hands
a symbol of receiving

all God has for me
Peace to flood my spirit
Hope to end despair
Love to make me whole

No more closed fists
holding tightly together
I open my hands
even wider still

Blessings pour down
I can hold no more
Filled to overflowing
Grace enough for all

I’m linking up with #GiveMeGrace, #MomentsofHope

20 thoughts on “Little Steps and a Poem of Grace

  1. So true that all the little steps add up. They might not seem like much at the time but if we keep taking little steps forward it’s often surprising how far we’ve travelled when we turn and look back. Thanks for sharing your poem too- I appreciate the encouragement to let go and open my hands to receive God’s grace. Visiting from #GiveMeGrace.

    1. I agree, it is often surprising when we see just how far we have come by taking those small steps. 🙂 Thank you for visiting today, Lesley. I’m glad you were encouraged.

      Blessings to you and have a great week full of grace!

  2. Gayl, it is so true – even little steps add up. Some days we inch forward to the finish line. But it is still progress. Progress in the process 🙂 Blessings!

    1. I like that Joanne – “Progress in the Process” – It’s catchy! Thanks so much for your encouragement today.

      Blessings to you! Have a great week. 🙂

  3. Gayl, thank you for sharing this today:
    “all God has for me
    Peace to flood my spirit
    Hope to end despair
    Love to make me whole”
    So true, and just the encouragement I needed this morning. Pressing onward with you in this #Write31Days challenge, to keep finding all God has for me! –Blessings!

    1. Bettie, I’m so glad to have encouraged you this morning! Thankful to have you on this journey with me. Let’s continue to keep pressing onward.

      Many blessings to you! xo

  4. Gayl, this is so encouraging. Each little step toward our goals really does count. There is always grace enough to cover our hard days. And as long as we are moving, no matter how slow it may seem, we are making progress in life and faith! I love your poem. It’s a beautiful reminder to live with open hands and heart, to know that even when we are empty God will fill us to overflowing. Thank you for your soothing words. May you keep blessing us here and walking with an awareness of God’s abundant blessings on your life. xo <3

    1. Joy, I’m so glad to be able to encourage you. Thank you so much for your continued encouragement and blessings. So glad to have you on this journey with me.

      Many blessings to you! xoxo

  5. I am thankful that I can take steps one at a time and they all count. Even the ones that go backwards for they enable me to take another one forward. He never leaves me, thus His nearness encourages me to keep going. My husband and I are in a place where hearing from the Lord, or taking those steps in the direction that we believe He is guiding us is going forward. We have asked Him to close doors if this is not of Him. We have had a few closed doors but seem to be on a path of open ones now. His Word is our lamp.

    1. Yes, each little step counts, no matter how small. I’m thankful that God is with us all the way.

      May God continue to guide you and your husband as you move forward on the path of open doors. Yes, His Word is the lamp to show us the way.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement, Linda. Many blessings to you!

  6. Lovely poem, Gayl! When I think of steps I think of my journey with God and His light upon my path. Most days there is only enough light for a step or two. Baby steps. If I rush ahead I’ll find myself in the dark. I want all my steps to be in the light of God’s will. Great reminder today, my friend!

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