Global or Local Our Words Impact



Global  is the word prompt for #5MFW #write31days. I’ve had fun trying to tie the prompts in with my theme, though it is a challenge to write meaningful content for thirty-one days straight. I’m sure each of us have struggled at times, but we keep on. Whether our words go far and wide or are just for ourselves, they do make an impact. Global or local, our words matter.




My main reason for choosing to write about 31 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle was to keep myself accountable. I also wanted to encourage others along the way. Though I certainly didn’t expect a global reach, I did hope to have a few readers. I have been thrilled by the number of friends who have stopped here to encourage me along the way.




Many people across the world have joined in to take the #write31days challenge. Wherever you are in your quest, I salute you! Your words matter. They are needed at just the time you write them. You may think you are way behind or you just can’t finish, but the important thing is that you tried.


All over the globe people are writing and reading. Not everyone reads every post, but someone needs to read what you have to say. Be thankful and celebrate what you have been able to do. Don’t worry about keeping up or comparing with others or making a global impact. Global or local, just pick up where you left off and do your best. If you can’t finish, then give yourself plenty of grace. Be glad you are part of this large community challenge. Hang in there, we are approaching the finish line.


For the remaining days I plan to review each of the seven areas I described in my introductory post. Exercise, Food, Rest, Work, Leisure, Fresh Air, Mental and Spiritual Well-being.  


Tomorrow is recipe day so Food is the category of choice to begin.


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4 thoughts on “Global or Local Our Words Impact

    1. Thank you, Dolly! I’m trying to finish well, but we’re out of town now and I hope I can complete it. I might be a bit late in finishing, but we’ll see. 🙂

      Blessings to you!

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