Confront and Tackle that Discouragement



We are on the last stretch headed for the finish line of the #write31days challenge. This is Day 26, and the prompt word for #5MFW is confront. We must confront and tackle our discouragements.




Usually when I think of the word confront it has negative connotations, like making a face to face accusation. I had to confront myself today, not to accuse but to encourage. 

In my introductory post I included seven areas to work on to bring me closer to a healthier lifestyle. For the last week of #write31days I want to write about one a day. Tuesday, Day 25, I wrote about Food. For Day 26 the subject is Work. I am not employed outside the home, but there is plenty of work to do. 

My normal job includes writing, caring for my family and house, gardening and dabbling in art and photography. Often I have trouble deciding which project to work on. Sometimes I ignore the more unpleasant chores to do something more fun. I am still working to find the right balance so that I give each area the proper attention. 

My husband and I are leaving for a short vacation tomorrow, and there is a lot to do in order to be ready. When I woke up in the morning my to-do list was on my mind. Besides that I had some writing and art projects to finish. Here is a piece ready to mail to someone this week. I have another card prepped and ready to decorate and add a poem or prayer.



As you can imagine I began to feel overwhelmed and discouraged, wondering if I would get it all done. I don’t always remember to go to God first, but this time I did. It’s always good to meet with God when you start to feel stressed and worried. After breakfast I took my coffee up to my praying spot for my time of devotions. In my prayer I asked for wisdom and peace. I knew that some things on my list had to go.




We can often try so hard to do everything we think we should and run ourselves down in the process. At least that’s what I tried to do. I worked so hard to finish the blog post, but I was so tired it wasn’t making sense.

Maybe I was trying too hard and not giving myself time to stop and rest.

Yesterday I worked too hard without a break. By the time I went to bed, I felt like a lot of time had been wasted. If I had put some things aside to rest a bit or do something fun, I would have felt a lot better.

Work needs to be balanced with rest and play in order to be part of a healthy lifestyle.

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6 thoughts on “Confront and Tackle that Discouragement

  1. Dear Gayl, I agree wholeheartedly with you! These last few days of the Writing Challenge have felt like such a heavy workload to me also. But God comes alongside and gives me that same pep talk you spoke about! He knows our limits, and He wants to help us with that balance we need. Thank you for sharing these words; you have been an encouragement this whole month as you have shared about ways to care for ourselves, and honor God in the process. Blessings and Hugs to you!

    1. Bettie, thank you so much for your encouragement! Yes, God knows our limits and He does want to help us. I’m so glad to know I have been an encouragement to you as you have sure been one to me. 🙂

      Many blessings to you and hugs, too! xo

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