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Everyone needs nourishment, right? Most all people like to eat. What we eat can determine how nourishing it is. I’m not going to go into what is healthy and what is not. We all have favorite foods we eat pretty regularly. Eat is the #5MFW prompt for today. There is something about the comfort of a tried and true dish. It can bring delicious memories that bring joy and in turn help relieve stress. So even if the food is not the healthiest, at times it can be just what we need.




The past few days I’ve been reviewing categories mentioned in my introductory post. Today I want to review the category of Fresh Air. Now you may wonder what fresh air has to do with eating. Not much, unless you eat outside. Although today, we got fresh air as we walked down the sidewalk to the cafe.

We are spending a couple of days at a Bed & Breakfast. This morning we talked with one of our hosts while standing outside. We watched the goats and chickens and petted the dog.




Then we went to visit The Berry Center, which had a lot of books by Wendell Berry. His granddaughter runs the bookstore, and we enjoyed talking with her. The bookstore itself is in an original log cabin located right on Main Street in New Castle, KY. It’s a piece of history in and of itself. And I forgot to take a picture! Of course, we came away with more books than we first intended to purchase.

Today we enjoyed a lot of fresh air which is vital to a healthy lifestyle. That is one area where I don’t have any trouble. Being outdoors is one of my favorite things. There I am inspired to write, not to mention enjoying what creation has to offer.


A KY sunset.

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4 thoughts on “Eat, Walk and Enjoy Fresh Air

  1. Sounds like a sweet little getaway, Gayl! I guess we need fresh air for the animals to breathe in order to produce our fresh food! Blessings!

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