A Date to Remember and A Need for Leisure



It is fitting that the #5MFW #write31days prompt for Day 29 is the word dateOctober 29, 1978, is a date etched in my memory. The day started out like an ordinary Sunday, though I had stayed home from church. It’s definitely a day to remember.




It was still nearly two weeks until our second child’s due date, but babies have their own schedule. Later, on that sunny afternoon in Florida, our daughter Jamie was born. She arrived four days before my 26th birthday. This year we decided it would be fun to visit her over the week that covered both our birthdays. Two celebrations in one week is great!

We left South Carolina last Thursday heading for Illinois but stopped off at a Bed & Breakfast in Kentucky. It was great to have a couple of leisurely days without any time constraints. On the way we enjoyed some nice views as we traveled through the Smoky Mountains. 




Leisure is one of the categories I included as important for a healthy lifestyle. We can easily burn out if we don’t take time for leisure. Our work should not keep us so busy that we don’t have time to relax. 


This #write31days has been quite the challenge for me, especially trying to incorporate the #5MFW one word prompts into my theme. At times I think I made it harder by overthinking it. Then I spent so much time trying to make it work that I forgot about taking a break. Finally, I had to walk away from it and come back later. By taking the time away to do something different, it helps me to relax and think more clearly.


Maybe you’ve struggled, too, with a particular challenge. Whether it is writing or some other discipline, the need for leisure is the same. Sometimes all I need is a change of scenery for a few minutes to recharge. Other times I walk outdoors to clear my head. Working in my art journal is another way to relax and let off some stress.


How about you? What forms of leisure do you choose when you need a break?

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8 thoughts on “A Date to Remember and A Need for Leisure

    1. I like taking rides when we can drive the back roads and avoid the six lane interstates with their heavy traffic. It’s relaxing driving through the countryside, not so much in the big cities. 🙂

      Blessings to you, Susan! xo

  1. I’m with Susan for sure! I also often find music or a great movie rejuvenates me as I am moved by what I see and hear.

  2. Gayl, I followed the link over from Meg’s site, and realized that somehow I missed this post! I thought that I had seen all of your #Write31Days series, but I guess I just jumped right over this one! Yes, those leisure times are so important as we seek to let God have our whole person. He’s interested in every part, and knows just what we need to be healthy! I’m so glad that we “met” through these pages!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Bettie! Yes, God does know just what we need, but sometimes we have a hard time seeing it, don’t we? I’m glad He watches over us and showers us with mercy and grace.

      I’m also glad we “met” and I appreciate your encouragement throughout the series.

      Many blessings to you, dear Bettie!

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