Healthier Lifestyle 31 Days: Epilogue

In my introductory post for 31 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle I shared seven categories to address throughout the month. They were Work, Leisure, Rest, Fresh Air, Mental and Spiritual Well-being and Exercise. This theme was a big undertaking for me, and I only scratched the surface of most of the topics.




[bctt tweet=”What I hoped to accomplish was establish habits to put me on the right path for a healthy life.” username=”GaylWright”]


Now that my 31 Day series has come to a close, am I any closer to my goal of a healthier lifestyle?


I definitely made progress, but must continue to move forward. It takes a little longer than 31 days to establish a firm habit. This past week I reviewed six of the seven categories individually. The only one left is:


 Mental and Spiritual Well-being


[bctt tweet=”For the most part I continue my morning habit of reading the Bible and praying after breakfast.” username=”GaylWright”]


When we are in a different environment as on vacation, I tend to drop the habit a bit. I still try to include Scripture and prayer in my day, but the timing is irregular.


Each day I do some type of thinking game on my phone or computer. I don’t usually spend much time on it. Also, I’m reading more of a variety of books. I’m currently working on the books in the photo below, though I have others I still need to finished.




Working on this series has been a fun and sometimes frustrating journey. One thing I gained is more discipline in my writing. This is the first year I completed all 31 posts of the #write31days challenge. That is a good feeling!


My heart is touched by you friends who have encouraged me by commenting and cheering me on. I realized that this #write31days is also a ministry in a way. [bctt tweet=”It occurred to me that ministering to others is also a part of a healthy lifestyle. ”

username=”GaylWright”]When I look back over all my categories I see that ministry could easily be incorporated into each one of them.

May God enable each of us to encourage and minister to others as we go about our daily routines.



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6 thoughts on “Healthier Lifestyle 31 Days: Epilogue

  1. Dear Gayl, I have loved and been encouraged by your series here! And, yes, I think you are right, that finding ways to minister to others does help us find a healthy balance in our lives! Praying for you as you continue on with the habits God has been helping you to form!

    1. Thank you so much, Bettie. I’m so glad to have “met” you during this #write31days! I hope to read more of your series now that I’m not writing every day. 🙂 I’m also glad you have been encouraged by mine.

      Thank you for your prayers! Many blessings to you! xo

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