Feel the Love in this Space Called Home


This Christmas our whole family was here to celebrate together. There were 25 of us plus a baby not yet born. It was a full house, noisy at times but a wonderful treat. You could feel the love. I decided to draw from our day to write for the weekly haiku challenge at Ronovan Writes.


Feel the Love
My 7 kids plus one granddaughter!


Special Love


Feel the special love

With thirteen kids, twelve adults 

Not much space to spare


Feel the Cheer


Christmas Cheer


Space beneath the tree

Loaded with wonderful gifts

Feel the Christmas cheer


Hope you enjoyed my haiku. If you’d like to join in and write your own be sure to link up in the comments at Ronovan Writes! Writing haiku is a fun activity. It’s a challenge to put your thoughts in a few words, but it’s good practice.

I’m also linking up with: #Glimpses,

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