Twittering Tales Inspired by a Photo

I am enjoying this new-to-me form of creativity called “Twittering Tales.” 


Twittering Tales
This photo is of a collage page in my art journal. I then used PicMonkey to add a texture and words.


Every Tuesday, Kat Myrman shares a photo as a prompt.[bctt tweet=”Inspired by the photo, we write a story using only 140 characters or less.” username=”GaylWright”]You have all week to write your stories. Last week was my first time, and though it can be a challenge it’s a lot of fun.

The picture below has many possibilities, but it took me awhile to come up with something. First I’ll share two tiny stories, then another using Haiku. 



First story:


Why do YOU always get to write and have the espresso?”

“Hush, let me think. Drink your water.”

“That’s it, I’m leaving!”

“Wait! I’m sorry.”
(137 characters)


Second story:


“Another work day.
We talk, make our lists.
Where’s the fun?”

“Just checking off one more thing.
Our new assignment is exciting!
You’ll love it!”
(140 characters)


Now the Haiku:


Drinks untouched again
Minds dwell on recent events
Can’t write fast enough

Do you remember
Last time we were together
There were three of us
(140 characters including title)


Join us over at Kat’s place to see what others have written and add your own, if you like.

8 thoughts on “Twittering Tales Inspired by a Photo

  1. Wow, Gayl, you’ve hit the ground running here! Beautifully expressed stories and verse. I’ve not been too well recently and needed to rest more over the last few days, so I may not get round to joining in this week. However, a few thoughts did flow for the FMF prompt today, for which I am truly grateful! I LOVE what you have done here. Great work, dear poet/writer friend! xox

    1. Joy, thank you so much! Your encouragement means a lot to me. ? I haven’t written for FMF yet, but I hope to. Maybe you’ll also get a chance to do a Twittering Tale. ? I hope you are feeling better and that you are able to get the rest you need.

      Many blessings to you dear sister! xoxoxo

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