Laughter Might Just Be the Medicine You Need

Chagrin & Joy are the prompt words for the #weeklyhaikuchallenge at Ronovan Writes. Those are definitely a challenge, but I had fun with them as I remembered some things from the past. Don’t be surprised if laughter joins you as you read.  I had fun with them as I remembered some things from the past. 

The first thought I had was about something that happened to me while playing the keyboard in church nearly two years ago. It was embarrassing, but much grace and understanding was shown.

To read the full story, you can check out my guest post at Abby Norman’s place.

Hidden laughter because of a mistake


A Surprise in Church


Quiet time in church

Keyboard played a polka loud

First chagrin, then joy


This second haiku comes from a birthday party long ago. My friend stumbled as he brought the cake to the table. It almost slipped from his hands, but he was able to recover and set it gently down on the table.



The Cake was Saved


Stumbling, he fumbled

But stopped the cake from falling

Chagrin turned to joy


My final haiku comes from an incident with my daughter’s cat that is now our cat. She caught him in the bathroom unrolling the toilet paper and having a lot of fun doing it. Because it looked so funny, she took a video of it. Believe it or not this sweet looking cat in the picture below is the culprit.


Cat’s Joy


Cat was full of joy

Toilet paper rolled along

He felt no chagrin


I hope you enjoyed my fun haiku. Sometimes we need a good laugh, especially when life seems to overwhelm us. I’m thankful for the gift of laughter, which really is good medicine.

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. (Proverbs 17:22)

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28 thoughts on “Laughter Might Just Be the Medicine You Need

  1. Oh Gayl, I love these Haiku! What a great way to bring joy into the morning, by sharing fun memories! And I loved the analogy you wrote about the way God uses surprises to wake us up! Thank you for smiles this morning, dear poet/sister/friend! xoxo

    1. Bettie, I’m so glad I brought you smiles this morning. 🙂 Thanks for reading the other post, too, about the fiasco in church. I played again a couple of Sundays ago and assured the pastor I wouldn’t play a polka again. LOL He laughed and said it was great! 🙂

      Blessings to you my dear sister/poet/friend! xoxo

    1. Julie, thanks for visiting. I”m glad you enjoyed reading them! Cats really are funny, aren’t they? 🙂

      Blessings to you and have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hello Gayl! Beautiful trio of haiku and lovely pictures! I’m curious to find out what happened at the church, so I’m heading over to that page soon. 😉

    1. Thanks, Vashti! I’m glad you enjoyed them all. Yes, that was quite funny at church. LOL Hope you enjoyed reading about it.

      Blessings to you! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Gayl, I couldn’t resist heading over to read the full post about the unexpected happening at the church service, and I’m so glad I did. What a tonic! You write so well of being stirred, embarrassed and given means to stay calm and cope with an non-compliant piano playing in a way nobody had anticipated, least of all you. And I love the haiku too! This post really brightened up my day. Blessings and love to you, dear poetic friend! 🙂 xo

    1. Dear Joy,
      Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement! I’m so glad to have a part in brightening up your day! Blessings and love right back at you, my dear sister/poet/friend. xoxo

  4. You do so well writing your haikus!
    I love that scripture. My kids used to have a vhs tape with some kids singing this verse; now the tune is in my head! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.
    Visiting from Tune In Thursday.

    1. Thank you, Ruth. I do enjoy the challenge of the haiku, fitting stories into few words. 🙂

      Would that scripture song be from “Hide ‘Em In Your Heart” with Steve Green. I recall that was one of the songs. We used to listen to them a lot, too.

      Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend. Blessings to you!

  5. Gayl – love the poetry and the pictures to go with them. LOL and Hallelujah the cake was saved, its such a beautiful cake, I would really hate for something to have happened and people not be able to eat it. – I am so sorry, it has taken me a whole week to stop by and comment from #TuneInThursday linkup last week. I was away at a Conference since last week and the wifi was practically non-existent.

    Again thank you for linking up last week, and I hope to see you today at #TuneInThursday

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