Are You Tired and Weary?

Do you ever find yourself at a place where you feel like you can’t give any more? Are you burdened by demands that seem overwhelming? What do you do when you are tired and weary?

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Tired and Weary

I like to think of myself as a person who empathizes with others. I love to encourage, but when I grow weary it can be difficult to reach out to help someone else.

I’m sure many of you can identify. We want to give, to inspire and encourage others, but sometimes we wonder how we can keep giving. Is it possible to find some time for ourselves?

Jesus Knew What it was to be Tired

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Yes, I know he was God, but he was also human. He gave up his glory to come to earth to live as a human being. Walking those dusty roads he probably became thirsty, hungry and tired.

Often when Jesus tried to get alone to rest, the crowds would follow him. He always had compassion and welcomed them, sometimes providing food and healing before sending them away. He somehow found the strength to go on a little longer before getting that needed time alone.

Where Did Jesus Get His Strength?

The Scriptures give us many instances where Jesus went off by himself to pray. Sometimes it was morning. Other times it was evening. He probably slipped away as often as he could in order to commune with his Father alone.

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