The Invitations: Guest Post by Dr. Ifeoma Samuel


I am thrilled to welcome Dr. Ifeoma Samuel to my blog today. Her new book, The Invitations, is a breath of fresh air.


From her home in Nigeria she invites us to join with her in accepting the invitations Jesus offers us. Invitations to rest, to acceptance, to service, to seeking, to being joyful and much more. Because of Dr. Samuel’s encouragement and inspiration, I have a more consistent daily devotional time. I pray her words encourage you, too!



Air covered up in dust. A Roaring noise all over the community. Feet hurrying. The men and young boys all picking stones of every size. Off to the town square a place for justice.

Who was it? An adulteress had been caught. Dragged by her clothes. Pushed as she fell. Pulled her by her hair without mercy to get her up on her feet.

A certain death awaited her. Death by the stones. That was the custom.There was no reprieve.  But someone had come to this party, a righteous preacher. He will give a verdict. Everyone expected judgement and condemnation. The offender was caught red-handed.

I never knew casting a stone was this hard until Jesus spoke directly to their hearts. Everyone saw they were no better than she was! They all had sin just as the adulterous woman.

Imagine her brought faced down. Lying before Jesus.She found mercy in the stead of condemnation. His Grace saved her life. She walks free by His verdict. She walks redeemed by His Blood. That Blood still speaks! The Blood is yet at the altar.

The world may say otherwise, But Jesus speaks.

That poor sin-soaked woman in her day found the Mercy Seat.




How hopeless we would be without His Mercy!

Nothing else is comparable to the saving grace Jesus gives.The Great Grace that have been ushered. That joy that fills the heart of a believer, the joy the world cannot give it. That joy the Samaritan woman caught and ran to her city to share. The Overwhelming Joy the disciples had.

Recall the Song, “Running to the Mercy Seat”.I am running there, friend. Would you run there with me?



The Invitations


The Invitations is a set of beautiful devotions curated from the encounters  of those who met with Jesus. It walks you through their story, as you receive the blessings from their experiences.




About The Author


Women Conference Speaker, Bible Study and Devotional writer, Ifeoma Samuel, is married to her sweet heart, Obiora, and mom to one vibrant girl. She has authored three Books ‘30 Days To A Fulfilled Life’ ‘Overcome Failure: Get Back On Your Feet’, and her latest book, “The Invitations: 21 Hearty Devotions For Your Soul”.

Be sure to visit her blog Purposeful and Meaningful.

In addition to her blog she is also on Twitter , Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest.

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19 thoughts on “The Invitations: Guest Post by Dr. Ifeoma Samuel

  1. What a wonderful book of Invitations from the Ultimate Host! Thanks for the invitation, Ifeoma, to rest and receive truth and love. Congratulations, as well, on the newly birthed book. Bless you and Gayle both in all you do to display the welcoming heart of God.

  2. Dear Gayl and Ifeoma,
    I am so blessed to see you both sharing here today! I have been so encouraged reading about these many invitations given by our Lord. When others look at us and count our weaknesses and shame, Jesus pours mercy so freely! What a gift for me to see both of my dear friends here together. Won’t Heaven will be so full and rich, when we are ALL together there with Him? Love and Hugs to you both!! xoxo

    1. Bettie, I have been encouraged, too, while reading Ifeoma’s book! Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all get together in person? 🙂 But like you said, we will meet one day when we are with our Savior.

      Love and hugs and blessings right back to you! xoxo

    2. Hugs to you too Bettie!
      I am truly satisfied the invitations are a blessing. I found myself reading it back to back.
      Thank you for the time and efforts you poured into making it a reality.
      God Bless dear friend.

  3. Powerful words. I’ve been so blessed by Ifeoma’s words before, as well. Thank you for giving us this sneak peek into her book, Gayl. It looks like such an encouraging read.

  4. Gayl, Thanks for sharing an excerpt from Ifeoma’s devotional. She has a real gift for a personal style of writing that makes you feel like your sitting across the table from her at a local coffee shop.

    And her insights always edify.

    1. I totally agree, Karen. You feel like she’s right there with you. She has really been a blessing and inspiration to me. Thanks for visiting!

      Blessings to you!

  5. I think we can all easily feel the hot shame if we had been caught in the act with some of our sin. At that most vulnerable points when no excuse would be good enough, He offers forgiveness. Oh my word. What mercy does to a soul! Thanks for reminding us of the undeserved grace and mercy we all enjoy. Great post Ifeoma and thank you for hosting Gayl😉

    1. Amen, Gretchen. Such undeserved mercy and grace. How can we fathom it? We can’t really. I’m so thankful for Ifeoma and her dedication and love for God and people. She has sure inspired me many times.

      Blessings to you!

  6. Oh, I can’t wait to read this, Gayl!

    Thank you for sharing via the Literacy Musing Mondays Linkup. I’m looking forward to more!

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