Brave Enough to Trust and Keep on Our Path

Welcome to Day 19 of #write31days. Brave is the word prompt for the Five Minute Friday Free Writes. My first thought was to wonder how I could relate this prompt to my nature theme. Then this haiku seemed to write itself.


Brave are the baby birds

First time flying from the nest

Mama waits nearby


Pixabay free photos – Bald eaglets


I shared it with my friend, Peggi, and she loved it.

Then she shared with me something she heard one time in a sermon. 


It was about how eagles teach their babies to fly. They actually push them out of the nest, but then swoop down below them to in case they have trouble. (One article I found said that happens when the babies are reluctant to leave.)


That reminded me of how God sometimes asks us to do hard things, but He doesn’t leave us alone.

We don’t have to do it in our own strength. He is right there with us to catch us when we fall and put us back on the right path.


I learn to be brave

When I put my trust in God

Knowing He’s with me.


We all have times when we must be brave.


We can take courage, move out in faith and follow our paths to fulfill our purpose. Maybe we don’t always know where we are going, but we move down the path putting one foot in front of the other. We can be faithful in the little things as we grow into the people we were meant to be.



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10 thoughts on “Brave Enough to Trust and Keep on Our Path

  1. WOW!

    “I learn to be brave
    When I put my trust in God
    Knowing He’s with me.”

    Yes!!! He is ever Faithful and True!
    He is helping me to be brave!

  2. Dear Gayl,
    These are beautiful thoughts today! They remind me of the time I watched the baby wrens leaving the birdhouse we had set up for them. Each of the babies had flown out and landed on our nearby deck, except the last smallest baby. But the other siblings kept chirping and looking back at him, as if they were encouraging him to take the leap and be brave! Finally he did, and they all ended up flying off together. I am so thankful for the encouragement that you give here, to your siblings in Christ, to take that leap and be brave in our trust of Jesus! Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear Sister!

    1. Bettie, thank you for your encouragement! Thanks for sharing the story of the baby birds. 🙂 You are a blessing to me and so many others. I love how God uses us to comfort and encourage each other. Blessings, hugs and much love to you, dear sister! xoxo

  3. Gayl, these words are a key part of our faith walk: “We can be faithful in the little things as we grow into the people we were meant to be.” They also reminded me of Mother Teresa’s thoughts, especially about doing small things with great love. I once heard Joyce Meyer share the story of the baby eaglets who get a timely nudge from their momma, because she knows it’s fear that holds them back from flying freely as God intended them to. Without the maternal shove in the right direction, they might just cower in the comfort of the nest for the rest of their lives and lose their courage altogether. What a life lesson for all of us! Beautiful images and haiku too. Thank you, dear friend! Love and hugs to you. xoxo 💜

    1. Joy, thanks for your thoughts. I love what Mother Teresa said about doing the small things with great love. What we do should always be done with much love because of what Christ has done for us. May God give us courage to step out and follow His leading every day of our lives.

      Thanks for being a good friend and encoourager! Many blessings to you with much love, dear sister! xoxo

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