Art Journaling is a Great Stress Reliever

A few years ago one of my daughters introduced me to the world of art journaling. At first I wasn’t sure exactly what to do or if I would do it correctly. She assured me there was no one right way to do it. 

Art journaling is an expression of our own creativity using whatever materials are available. 

For one of my earliest pages I painted a background. Then using words cut out from an old book I created a found poem. Here is a photo of it:


art journaling


At first I was a little timid but the more I experimented the more I enjoyed it. I have used acrylic and watercolor paints, gelatos, crayons, markers, magazine cutouts and more. Now it is one of my go-to activities for relaxing or relieving stress. Here is my latest one, a collage with found poetry using cutouts from various magazines.


art journaling


Have you ever tried art journaling? What are some ways you relieve stress? Feel free to share in the comments section.

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30 thoughts on “Art Journaling is a Great Stress Reliever

  1. I had never heard of art journaling, but it does sound like a great idea! I unwind with music often or a movie that inspires me deeply. Journaling also nourishes me, but I have never done art journaling. Thanks for the new idea, Gayl.

    1. I also enjoy unwinding with music or a movie and journaling really helps, too. But there is something about the creativity involved in art journaling. I don’t always have a plan, I just start thumbing through magazines looking for pictures or words that stand out to me. Then I’ll make a collage. Or I’ll just start painting using a few colors and just see where it leads. Whatever I do I don’t worry too much about how it looks, I just keep going until I am satisfied. Sometimes I leave it for awhile and come back to it. But it’s always fun and relaxing.
      Blessings to you, Pam! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Dear Gayl, I am so glad that you helped to restore art journaling in me! I used to do this kind of artwork years ago, when I was a children’s church teacher–but we called it making it collages. The kids always loved those activities. So, to be able to do it now in my own journal has become a blessing for me too. On days when my hands are feeling stronger, but yet I need to pace myself and find a restful activity, art journaling is the perfect creative outlet. Thank you for the ways you bring encouragement to my heart, dear friend! Hugs and Love to you! xo

    1. Dear Bettie, And I am glad to have been an inspiration to restore art journaling for you! I used to do more artwork, too. I used to draw scenes on flannelgraph with oil pastels as a background for a lady in our church who told Bible stories using flannelgraph. That was a long time ago, but I’ve always had a love for art even though I got away from it for awhile. I just love art journaling bc it is so relaxing and fun and not demanding. Blessings, love and hugs to you, my lovely friend! xoxo

  3. I love your art journaling. Thank you for sharing with us. I have not tried it. I am one of those that needs clear instructions when it comes to art like paint by number. I should get out of my box and give it a try.

    1. Thank you Maree! I’m not so different from you. I always thought I needed clear directions, but my daughter said just take some paint and a brush and just go! So I finally took a step out of my box and have been going ever since! I hope you do give it a try and I’d love to hear how you like it. Blessings to you!

  4. I did a lot of collages working in day care. I have a mixed media board on Pinterest, I really like that you can use just about anything to create art, fabric, wrapping paper or even old jewelry. I haven’t actually done that yet. Thank you for letting me be a part of your link up, I was happy to see people liked No Wind In Sight, since it is still March, I’m still on the wind, next month, April Showers of Blessings. All for His glory, thanks Gayl.

    1. I’ll have to check out your mixed media board, Rebecca! It’s so much fun to create and actually enjoy the process. Thanks so much for visiting and linking up with us. Blessings to you and happy creating!

    1. I’m so glad my daughter told me about are journaling, because ever since then I have enjoyed it so much. It’s definitely therapeutic! So glad you love it and have found it helpful in counseling. Blessings to you! Thanks for visiting!

    1. Thank you, Barbie! I’m glad it blesses you. I hope you can get back into it soon, it’s such a fun, relaxing activity. Blessings to you, dear sister! xo

  5. I find this type of creativity so beautiful and inspiring. I’m not very good at it, but want to get better and have more confidence in letting my expression be mine and not feeling the need to be like others. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Thank you, Karen. The more you do it the more confidence you get. 🙂 Each person’s art will be different, but it really is freeing to be able to just express yourself with art not worrying about comparing it to others. I would encourage you to keep at it and enjoy the process. Blessings to you!

  6. Gayl, I journal with words only, but your post is sure inspiring! I have art in me, but have not found the time to let it out. (Except for the word kind of art!) I’ve done watercolors in the past and think it would be a wonderful way to journal some day! Thanks for showing us your art work!

    1. I like to journal with words, too, Leslie, but I’m glad my posts inspires you! Art journaling doesn’t really take long. You can start a page and come back to it each day just spending a few minutes at a time. I hope you take some time to try it out. I’m sure you would love it!

      Blessings to you! Thanks for visiting and for your encouragement!

    1. Oh, yes, Barbara, there are so many ways to art journal. I’ve doodled, sketched, painted, etc. But I do love collages. It’s fun to look through magazines cutting out what inspires me and then finding different ways to arrange it on the page before gluing it down. I love it! I hope you find some time to try. It’s really a lot of fun.
      Blessings to you! Thanks for visiting!

    1. This would be a fun activity to blend art and haiku, Anita! They could illustrate their haiku or just make a background out of collage or coloring or paint, and then write the haiku on top. There are so many ways to do it, I’m sure you’ll think of something great! Thanks for visiting today. Blessings to you, Anita! xo

  7. Such an inspired idea, Gayl! I love how you can get lost in art and forget everything else for a short time. It really is a great stress reliever. God bless you!

    1. Thank you, Connie! Yes, it’s easy to get lost in the art and so relaxing. Blessings to you! Thanks for visiting and for your encouraging words. Have a wonderful Easter!

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