Tribute to Mother: Thank You for Your Love



On this Mother’s Day as a tribute to moms I’d like to share a poem I wrote some years ago. I read it at my mother’s memorial service but since have edited and changed it a little bit. My mother had her faults as do all of us, but she was full of love and gave of herself sacrificially for her children. She also showed hospitality to many and was a good example to me. 



Tribute to Mother



Here is my tribute to her:


Tribute to Mother


Thank you, Mother
for loving me by
cooking food, making clothes,
giving much care when I was sick


Thank you, Mother
for teaching me by
reading books to expand
my world and imagination


Thank you, Mother
for leading me by
your constant example
daily studying the Bible


Thank you, Mother
for helping me by
being available
providing wisdom and support


Thank you, Mother
for showing faith by
praying day after day
year after year because you loved


Thank you, God, for a mother who loved and cared.


Though Mother and I had our share of disagreements and difficulties, we shared a deep love for each other.


Photo taken at the Botanical Gardens in Clemson, SC


Do you have memories of your mom or of another woman who showed a mother’s love to you? Please share your stories in the comments if you’d like.


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10 thoughts on “Tribute to Mother: Thank You for Your Love

  1. Dear Gayl,
    What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. There were things that were difficult with my Mom also, but I am just so thankful that she showed me how to love Jesus. I can remember asking her questions about my Bible reading when I was so young. And I can hear her answer, “that’s just the Holy Spirit speaking to you through His Word.” Thank you for sharing such a sweet poem. I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day also! Love & Hugs to you my friend! xo

    1. Dear Bettie,
      Thank you for your encouragement. Yes, my mom did teach me how to love Jesus. I remember seeing her every afternoon stopping to rest and read her Bible and that image stuck with me. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem. I hope you also have a Happy Mother’s Day! Love and hugs to you dear sister/poet/friend and prayer partner! xoxo

  2. Precious words of thanks. We can’t go wrong when we love, honor and appreciate those with whom we disagree.
    I pray for exactly this from my own sons. 💞

    1. Thank you, Lisa! It’s so important to love even when we disagree, isn’t it? A good prayer to pray for our children. Blessings to you! Have a lovely Mother’s Day! xo

  3. You know, Gayl, my mom and I had our struggles through the years. But I am so glad to say that she ended her life with years of kindness and grace. I am grateful.

    1. Susan, I am grateful, too, that our last days together were so meaningful. Blessings to you and may God continue to give you comfort. Love and hugs! xo

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