Deep: Rooted in God’s Love


When I saw that the #FiveMinuteFriday prompt was the word deep, a couple of old hymns came to mind. The first was Deeper and Deeper, by Oswald J. Smith, the second was Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus, by S. Trevor Francis. Both songs remind me of the vastness of God’s love.

Deeper and Deeper begins like this:

Into the heart of Jesus
Deeper and deeper I go,
Seeking to know the reason
Why he should love me so –
Why he should stoop to lift me
Out of the miry clay,
Saving my soul, making me whole,
Though I had wandered away.

The other stanzas begin in a similar way: Into the: will, cross, joy, and finally love of Jesus. Each is followed by the line Deeper and Deeper I go. You can read the rest of the words here.

deep roots

One of my favorite hymns is Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus. The words are not only poignant, but the music is beautiful.

Here is an interesting arrangement:

Lastly I’d like to share a poem I wrote as I pondered the prompt word. Each stanza is haiku, which is one of my favorite styles.

Rooted Deeply

I’m firmly planted
into the soil of God’s word
My roots go down deep

I won’t be shaken
from my place in God’s kingdom
My roots are secure

Deep is my belief
As I put trust in Jesus
My roots grow stronger

Solid is my life
Storms may come and strong winds blow
My roots won’t give way

roots go deep


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24 thoughts on “Deep: Rooted in God’s Love

  1. Dear Gayl,
    Your words and photos are so beautiful! I would so love to see the woods by your home, the light filters through the trees with such a glow! I think the last stanza is my favorite, with these words touching me:
    “Storms may come and strong winds blow
    My roots won’t give way”
    It is so good to know that His love goes so deep, and causes our roots to be so secure in Him, even in the storm. Thank you for sharing this tonight. I am clinging to Him there in the storms and the shaking! Love and Blessings to you Dear Poet/Sister/Friend! xoxo

    1. Dear Bettie,
      Thank you so much for your encouragement. I did have you in mind partially while I was writing the poem. I thought it would encourage you. I’m so thankful that God’s love does go so deep and it covers us. May we both remember to cling to Him during the storms and also the calm. Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear sister. xoxo

  2. I was thinking about oh the deep deep love of Jesus but haven’t had a chance to write just yet.

    I was reading up on the author and the background of the hymn. Very interesting. I’ll have to find time to write about it.

  3. Oh the deep deep love of Jesus is one of my favorite hymns! I haven’t heard it in a while. It was nice to be reminded.

    Thanks for your beautiful pictures and added poetry.

    It was a pleasure to visit here today.

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