Glow: Shine with Light from Above



As we traveled home from our vacation today, the sky was mostly overcast and we drove through some rain, sometimes pretty heavy. But there were patches where the sun’s glow shone through blue sky.


While riding in the car I wrote the first two stanzas of a poem, then finished it at home.


Glow of Light through Storm


Sky is overcast

As we travel down the road

Peaceful music plays


In between the clouds

A glimpse of sunshine appears

In patches of blue


Soon the clouds disburse

Darkness flees as glowing sun

Bursts through full and bright


Even in the storm

Lightning glows like bolts of fire

Breaking through the gloom



Glow of lightning


Our lives are sometimes filled with dark clouds when we are overwhelmed by our circumstances.


How can we find light when the darkness is so thick? How do we know which way to go or what to do?



Light of scripture will glow


Though it may not give us specific answers for our current problems, the Bible is a guide to help us find our way. Often I find comfort in the Psalms whether it’s reassurance of God’s love and faithfulness or solace in the laments found there.


How do you find light or hope when you are feeling overwhelmed with your circumstances?


This is Day 3 of #write28days. The prompt word is glow.


You can find links to all my posts in this series on my landing page .



4 thoughts on “Glow: Shine with Light from Above

    1. Those are great ways to make sure to spend time with God. I want to remember to pause throughout the day even if just to say thank you to God. It’s so hard to just be still, but oh so rewarding. Blessings to you, Melissa!

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