Reject the Lies and Enjoy Life

Reject is the word for Day 10 of #write28days. My thoughts right away went to a song by Michael Card called Sunrise of Your Smile, which is on the album titled Poiema. I think he may have written it with his children in mind, but the advice is good for all of us. I’ll share the song later with a link to the lyrics.


Reject the Need to Rush


In his song, Michael Card talks about rejecting the worldly lies of power, success and the thinking that we have to rush through life. We’re encouraged to stop, look around us and see the beauty.


reject busyness and discover beauty



If we are always pushing ahead, rushing through life, we may get to the end and wonder what it all was for. We need to reject the notion that there might always be something better up ahead.


Life is short and we don’t want to miss making memories. 


Slow Down and Make Memories


Most of you know I have 7 children and 14 grandchildren. I can’t possibly spend as much time with each of them as I’d like. But you can believe that when they call or want me to babysit I do it if at all possible. Those kinds of memories are special.

My life can get quite busy, but if someone needs me I try to make myself available. I love to spend time outdoors when I can. It helps to refresh me. There are often interesting things to photograph when I sit or walk out in nature.


The Presence Project


In an earlier post I mentioned my involvement with The Presence Project. It is a year long project with a different focus for each month. During that time I hope to become more aware that God’s presence is with me in everything I do.


That includes writing for this 28 Day Challenge. This is only Day 10. Sometimes I wonder if I can keep it up, because the words don’t seem to come. So I pray and wait to see what happens. Some days I have to do other things first.


For example, yesterday I got the urge to work in my art journal. I had been thinking about what to write, but no words came. So I began cutting out pictures and placing them on a page. All the while I had the prompt word on my mind.


After the collage was finished, the words and scriptures seemed to come together without much problem. Often God works that way, and I am learning not to push to get my words written, but to wait to see how He leads.


What about you? Are there things you need to reject that will help you slow down and enjoy life? 


As promised, here the song:



Click HERE for a link to the lyrics.


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14 thoughts on “Reject the Lies and Enjoy Life

  1. Dear Gayl,
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful song, along with your words and art. It has brought tears to my eyes tonight, and such sweet memories from another time when that song touched my heart. God did ask me to reject things that were not important then, to pray with a dear friend in a very hard time. And He brought such sweet relationship and beauty through those answered prayers. Oh, that I would continue to listen to Him when He calls, and lay down my own thoughts to hear HIS. Love and Hugs to you Dear Sister! xoxo

    1. Dear Bettie,
      That song is such a good one, isn’t it? Glad it helped to bring sweet memories to you. 🙂 Sometimes it does seem hard when we have to reject things, but saying no to some things allows us to say yes to other things. I pray that I, too, would be ready to listen when He calls and be ready to follow. Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear sister! xoxo

  2. It’s so easy to get caught up in becoming “successful.” But successful in God’s eyes and successful in the eyes of the world do not always align. Thank God He makes sure to reveal to me His desires for my life whether I decide to listen or not…

    1. Yes, it’s too easy sometimes. But I am also glad God directs us. Even when we don’t listen He has a way of getting our attention and putting us back on the right path. Blessings to you, Brittany! Have a good week.

  3. I didn’t know you have seven children! Wow! And what a blessing to have 14 grandchildren :). I love how your art became an avenue for your words. It works for me sometimes, too :).

    1. Yes, seven – four girls and three boys! My three boys are still at home, and with 14 grandchildren I don’t think we will ever be empty nesters. LOL Yes, I’m finding more and more that the art helps me find the words. I’m glad it works for you sometimes, too. <3 Blessings to you, Anita! Have a good week.

  4. God had a theme going Gayl… You may enjoy my post “Pause & Reflect”

    I agree when you have a large family It is a challenge to be able to spend the time with each that we would like to, we have 6 daughters & 10 grandchildren so I can only imagine what your extra numbers entail!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Nice to have you visit. I’ll definitely check out your post! Wow, you do understand about a big family. 🙂 There’s a lot of us, but I love every single one as I’m sure you do yours. 🙂 What a blessing! Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a lovely week. Blessings to you!

  5. It is such a profound truth! Thanks for sharing this wonderful song! Love the poetic nature of the words – Sunrise of your Smile. You are a treasure! Love your artwork and your presence in the lives of those closest to you. I am behind in my writing because I have been spending time with the family. Worth getting behind! I tweeted…

    1. Karen, you are always such an encouragement to me! Thank you for your presence here and your message of hope. I totally agree that spending time with family is more important than staying on top of the writing. Just think of the memories you made! And I’m sure you’ll catch up sometime on the writing challenge. Blessings and love to you, dear friend! xo

  6. I need to reject the busyness of trying to do everything in one day. I have a list and want to complete the actions on the list. If I spend too much time worrying about “to-do” items, I may miss opportunities God is placing before me to worship Him. I need to keep my eyes and ears open for His blessings. 🙂

    1. Oh, Melissa, I hear you! If we are so persistent in just getting that list done, we really do miss out on some beautiful opportunities. If we could just look at each interruption as something God has ordained, maybe we would welcome them and learn to see the beauty of what God is showing us. Blessings to you!

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