Motherhood and the True Superpower

Back in 2015, we had a summertime linkup called #WholeMama. For one of the linkups, we talked about superpowers, asking questions like: What’s your superpower? and How do you live into empowered you? As I pondered these questions I began to think about the different aspects of motherhood.


[bctt tweet=”Most of us feel inadequate to the task as we begin the journey of raising children.” username=”GaylWright”]


Our bodies are stretched and pulled as we house a growing baby. When the time comes we summon all our strength and effort to birth these babies.


Motherhood is Hard Work


Although thrilled with the new life that is placed into our hands, we are also very tired. The tiredness never seems to go away. Our weariness seems to get the best of us and we wonder if we will forget what it means to have a good night’s rest. The word superpower isn’t even part of our vocabulary at this point.


Where do we find the strength to keep going when all we want to do is sleep?


[bctt tweet=”I find comfort in knowing that my children are close to the heart of God and that He gently guides us as we care for them.” username=”GaylWright”]



Thoughts on Motherhood


On the evening before the linkup, my daughter, Jamie,  shared some thoughts about motherhood on Twitter. Then she and I had this exchange:


Jamie: Lately I’ve often felt like I’ve needed to be, specifically, Elastigirl. Motherhood never seems to stop stretching me.


Me: I think motherhood stretched me more than anything else.


Jamie: It’s never really past tense, is it? Hehe.


Me: You are so right! I love you.


Now that she has children of her own, she understands more of the why behind some of my actions as her mother. She also understands that motherhood never really ends. Our children always need us, just not in the same way they did when they were young.




I think all of us face the above challenge. 


There were more conversations on Twitter from some of the other mothers about wholeness and being broken. Each of us have areas where we excel and others where we are weak and seek to be empowered.


We have to face our weaknesses along with our strengths, accepting all as who we are. We must admit our brokenness and ask for help in order to be whole, then move on with the power we receive. 


[bctt tweet=”When we look to God for strength, accepting the fact that we can’t do it all, some of those superpowers begin to reveal themselves.” username=”GaylWright”]


Superpowers in Motherhood


Jamie also gave some ideas of what some of them might be: “peace, comfort, goodness, love, compassion, understanding, a listening ear, empathy, shalom,” and I also thought of baking, making comfort food and hospitality. 


About compassion she said that it is not just passive but can be an act of reaching out, to give or to receive. I think most mothers do have compassion. When our children have needs, we reach inside and pull up all the strength we can muster to meet that need, even when we are exhausted. We, in turn, receive compassion from others who fill in the gaps for us in our times of need.


I believe some of my superpowers are love, empathy, a listening ear, compassion and hospitality.


That is not to say I have always been consistent in demonstrating them to my children or to others, but the desire has been there. I have always loved children and welcomed friends of my children into our home. 


Showing love to others is something I try to do, letting them know they are important. It’s part of my nature to empathize with people, to try to see things from their perspective, and encourage them. It gives me joy to have people over and serve them good food.


The One True Superpower


It’s kind of fun using our imaginations to think about Super Heroes and Super Powers. We know they are fantasy, but we can use those thoughts to boost our energies. We pretend along with our children and we all enjoy it while improving our attitudes.


Sometimes that is all we need, but there are times when we need more. When that happens we need to remember that:


[bctt tweet=”We have access to One greater than all the other superpowers. ” username=”GaylWright”]



Our God, the Creator of the universe never tires. 


He is with us when we don’t see or are exhausted. 


Even when we find belief hard, He still sustains us.


If you are a mother, what challenges do you have and how do you find your strength?


If you are not a mother, I’m sure you have your own kinds of challenges. How do you find strength to carry on?


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6 thoughts on “Motherhood and the True Superpower

  1. I have been a mother for over 35 years and I am still learning. I believe we can be mothers to all children, whether they are our own or belong to someone else. A mother’s love can heal in many ways. 🙂 Prayer helps me be a better mother.

    1. Oh, I’m with you, Melissa! I’m been a mother for nearly 43 years and I’m still learning. I totally agree with you that we can be mothers to all children. I’ve had others besides me own in my house or just as friends that I treat as my own. It’s such a blessing. Oh, yes, prayer is so important. It helps me so much to know that I can pray at any time and He will hear. Blessings to you, dear Melissa! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! xo

  2. Such precious thoughts–motherhood truly has and still is stretching me after 39 years. Thank you for sharing these timely thoughts on a day as I once again gave my son & his family back into God’s keeping (it’s where He’s always been, after all) as they prepare to move thousands of miles away again. God is so good to join us all together in Him! Love & hugs my dear friend!

    1. I don’t know if motherhood ever stops stretching us, does it? 🙂 It’s so hard to let them go when you know it will be a long time before seeing them again. The comfort is that they are in God’s will, but it’s still hard to say goodbye. So glad you had such a wonderful visit together. This is an area where technology is helpful, because you can email and chat and skype…. That helps to ease the pain of goodbye. Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear friend! xoxo

  3. I had a lady recently tell me I needed a cape, she didn’t know how I did what I did. I told her it was grace. I can’t do anything without Him, and on days I feel I do very little, He multiplies it for me. No super power, power from the Holy Spirit.

    1. Amen, Rebecca! We couldn’t do much of anything without the power of the Holy Spirit within us. He’s the true “superpower!” Blessings to you!

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