Friends: We Need Each Other

We were not made to be loners. Friends are very important in our lives. We all need people who are there for us, and we need to be that kind of friend to others.


**This is a post from my former blog written in May of 2015, but it’s message is still true for today. I did some minor editing, but the post is pretty much in its original form.**



I came across this poem early last week when I was scanning through the poetry on my kindle. I felt a connection, because my prayer is that my life will encourage others not only in person but in my writing.





Our Words Matter


The poem spoke to me and reminded me that our words and actions matter if only one person is reached, even if that person is our own self.


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Sometimes writing helps us to express our joy or sadness.


When I don’t know what to write I just start writing anyway, whatever comes to mind. By getting my thoughts on paper it clears my mind a little. It might look like just a jumble of words, but eventually I will have ideas to use in composing a poem or blog post, which in turn might encourage someone else.




Friends Are There for Each Other


When I read Emily Dickinson’s poem I had no idea how the events of my week would unfold. It turns out that I also needed friends to help and encourage me.


  • First I got news of the death of a friend. I thought of her family and knew that words would not be adequate to ease their pain.
  • A few days later I found out that someone very close was planning to get a divorce. It is breaking my heart. I have no words to ease the ache or make the situation better.
  • Then I broke a filling in one of my teeth. Having it fixed today caused an unexpected expense. It also disappointed my mom, because she and I were going to spend the day together shopping, getting pedicures and for me to cut her hair. All that was postponed, but she was very understanding and concerned for me.


Why am I writing about all of this?


Simply to say that we all need each other.


There are many things out of our control.


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When I asked for prayer online, my friends encouraged me. They didn’t have to say much, just an acknowledgement that they cared.


Even if we don’t know what to say, it still helps someone to let them know we are there for them.


This week I didn’t have time to respond to an email bearing sad news, but I acknowledged it right away and explained I would have time to respond better later. This person really appreciated hearing back from me quickly even if I didn’t have any words. It meant a lot to know I cared.


Friends, We all Need Each Other


[bctt tweet=”Let’s not let pride or fear get in the way of responding to someone in need.” username=”GaylWright”]


We can pray for wisdom and follow God’s leading and nudging in our lives to make a difference in the lives of those around us.





Back to the Present Day 4/23/2019


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I have some very dear online friends who are always ready to pray or encourage. We share prayer requests, pray for each other, rejoice and cry with each other, encourage and point one another back to Jesus when we lose our focus.


There is also a group of ladies I meet with once a month to share a meal. We catch each other up on our families, share prayer requests and just enjoy being together.


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8 thoughts on “Friends: We Need Each Other

  1. Dear Gayl,
    I am so thankful that God has woven our paths together, and lets us pray for each other! What a beautiful post, I am so glad that re-posted it today! And how fun that we are neighbors at #TeaAndWord today too! God does know how to keep bringing us His encouragement through each other. Blessings, love, and hugs to you! xo

    1. Dear Bettie, I am thankful, too. What a blessing to have you in my life! I’m glad we can pray together and encourage each other. Nice that we are neighbors today. 🙂 Yes, I love how He weaves our lives together. Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear sister! xoxo

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