Fun Times: South Dakota Part 3

We enjoyed a lot of fun times in South Dakota, but some things were hard. In this Tell a Memory Tuesday post I’ll share a funny story. Next week I’ll share a more serious one.


Since I don’t have pictures that directly relate to the stories I will just include some that were taken while we were there.


Fun with Dad
Steve and Sara pulling taffy


Out of Gas and a Funny Surprise


One day, my friend, Susan, with her two younger children and I with my two, decided it would be fun to go to town. I don’t really remember what we did, but I do remember on the way home that her car ran out of gas. At first she wasn’t sure what had happened.


She managed to pull over before it completely stopped, and we sat there talking and trying to figure out what to do. We saw a farmhouse pretty close, so we decided to walk there.


I had been sitting sideways in the car facing Susan with my back to the door. After we made our decision, one of the kids got out of the car and opened my door without warning. Because the car was parked on a slant, I went sliding out as soon as the door opened. What a funny sight that must have been!


I stood up and Susan asked in a laughing voice, “Did you just fall out of the car?” I answered in the affirmative and we both had a good laugh.


Scary or Fun?


Then came another surprise! We got the four kids together and began to walk. Suddenly a whole herd of cows came running toward us. 


Imagine a large fenced-in pasture area with a bunch of cows heading straight for you. I knew that such a large herd could easily break through the fence. It scared us at first, but they stopped at the fence and just stared.


As we continued to walk along, they walked right beside us on the other side of the fence. They stayed with us as far as they could before we got to the house at the farm. I think some of the kids thought it was fun and some weren’t so sure.


Susan was able to call her husband to bring some gasoline. We walked back to the car without any more trouble. It was quite an adventure I remember pretty clearly even though it was about 40 years ago.


More Fun Times

Sara and Jamie loved to feed their dolls,




and Jamie thought she needed to feed me, too!





You can find the rest of the Tell a Memory Tuesday HERE. Come back next week for the conclusion of our South Dakota adventure.


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4 thoughts on “Fun Times: South Dakota Part 3

    1. Yes, we had lots of interesting adventures in our early years of marriage with lots of moves. Blessings to you, Rebecca! Thanks for visiting.

  1. Oh your stories are such a bright spot in my day, Gayl! Isn’t it funny how we managed to get by with no cell phones, and even considered it a blessing that we could walk to have access to a landline phone? Wow, times have changed so much. But yet the best things never change, and your photos of sweet times with your family are such treasures. Thank you for sharing this series. Your words are a gift! Love and Hugs Dear Friend! xoxo

    1. Dear Bettie, I’m glad my stories bring a bright spot to your day! Yes, times really have changed as far as phones go. But, yes, the best things don’t change – the love of family and friends, fun times together, lots of memories. It makes me happy to know you are enjoying this series. Maybe you’ll write your own one day! I would love to read it. I’m amazed already at how our pasts have similar events, even with some of the moving, etc. Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear Bettie! xoxo

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