Study Bible: A Review of the New NIV Study Bible

These times we live in seem full of chaos and disorder. We wonder where to turn for help or to make sense of life. If you study history, you see this is nothing new. There are many periods of unrest, disease and pain. Thankfully, there is a book that stands the test of time and is always relevant. The Bible has answers and gives us hope amidst the pain.


New Study Bible


As a member of Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, I received a free copy of the new updated and revised NIV Study Bible in exchange for my honest review.  (For my review of another Bible see Women, A Devotional Bible Just for You.)


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study Bible


For starters this Bible has a color coded Table of Contents to make it easier to find the sections throughout.


study Bible


New and Revised Study Notes


Each book has its own introduction to help you know who wrote it and to give some background. Sometimes there are photos included which help you visualize some of the places included in the text.


In the center column of text you will find cross references for some of the verses there. Throughout the text, there are notes at the bottom which correspond to the verses on the page. This is very helpful when you come across a word you may not understand or to show other possible translations of the word.


Included in these notes at the beginning of the books and throughout them are little icons to identify different aspects. There is a trowel to show notes from an archaeological perspective, a seedling to show personal application, and a character symbol to describe information on people or groups of people.


new study guides

Colorful Maps and Illustrations to Study


Besides having a section at the back with colorful maps, there are also maps scattered throughout the Bible to help illustrate certain sections of the text. Other illustrations are also helpful to demonstrate the culture, the tools, etc. of the time period written about in the section.


For instance, my husband and I had just finished reading the descriptions of the tabernacle and its furnishings when we received the Bible. So we turned to the illustrations which were helpful in seeing the structure. There were also explanations of each item.


Final Analysis


If you are looking for a study Bible that is easy to read, easy to follow and full of great information, this new NIV Study Bible might be just what you are looking for. The text is a good size – not too small and not too large, with print dark enough to read without straining.


The paper used is good quality and a nice thickness that doesn’t feel fragile like some others I have seen. As far as size, it’s not a Bible you want to just carry around. It is large and heavy, but that’s because it’s so full of notes, maps and illustrations. It is a good Bible to have as part of your home study resources. I would also encourage you to use other translations, Bible dictionaries and other commentaries as part of your overall Bible study plan.


God is Our Help


Cultures may change, circumstances may be different, but the principles remain unchanged. For God is an eternal, unchangeable God. Using this new expanded and updated volume of the NIV Study Bible would be very helpful in reading and understanding the word of God. May we all remember that He is our Refuge and Strength and will help in times of trouble.


Psalm 46:1

God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.




This Bible can be purchased at the Faith Gateway Store. It can also be found at Amazon and other stores. I received it free as a #BibleGatewayPartner in exchange for my honest review.


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4 thoughts on “Study Bible: A Review of the New NIV Study Bible

  1. My NIV Bible is like my right arm! I don’t know where I’d be without it.

    So grateful for God and His Word. We are so blessed to have so many copies to access.

    May those who don’t have that freedom find miracles that will lead them to God and His Word.

    1. Linda, thanks for visiting! You are right that we really are blessed as Bibles are easy to find for us. I agree, I am so grateful for God and His Word. And study Bibles really do help, don’t they? Amen, to your prayer that those who don’t have the freedom will be led to Him. Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for this review. It is helpful for me to draw from various sources to enhance my understanding of the time, language, and application of scripture. So thanks for sharing this tool! I’m visiting from the Purposeful Faith link up today. Have a great day Gayl!

    1. YEs, Marielle, it really is helpful to have a variety of tools for studying the Bible. Most of all, I’m thankful God has given us His word and His Spirit so that we are not left on our own. Blessings to you! Thanks for visiting.

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