Exasperated by a Hilarious, Remarkable, Sneaky, Loving Cat


One of our cats has a bad habit of going in the kitchen. That alone wouldn’t be a problem, but Sebastian doesn’t just go in there. He waits until he thinks no one is looking and sneaks in. Then he jumps on the counter, the stove or the sink and gets into everything. He gives himself away as he jumps down from the counter, because he always makes a noise.

Sebastian and a limerick I wrote a few years ago

Sebastian is a Maine Coon and sometimes I think he really is part raccoon. I can’t leave anything on the counter, not even cookies to cool after baking. So we try putting things in the toaster oven and close it, thinking food will be safe there. But he can open it!

We even secure it with a small bungee cord and put our heavy KitchenAid mixer in front of it. He still manages to open it enough to get his paw in there and pull out a piece of pizza or a pancake.


We thought our bread would be safe in the bread box. It is rather large and has a flip top, but he still manages to get to the bread. We tried securing it with a stretchy band but that didn’t deter him.

We try making him stay in a pet crate for awhile, but as soon as he is free he heads right back for the kitchen. And it’s not just once and then he’s done. No, when he’s in the mood, it is almost constant and we have no peace. Sometimes there is not even any food in sight, but in he goes anyway.

exasperated by a cat
Meet Sebastian!

We might be trying to watch a movie or read together or even eat a meal, but we have to keep getting him out of trouble. We become very exasperated and have tried everything we can think of to stop him but with no success.


Though we are exasperated by Sebastian, he has some antics that keep us quite amused. He has an obsession for those little elastic hair ties. He will find them even though you think they are hidden. He’ll chew on them, throw them in the air, push them across the floor and even swallow them. Of course they don’t stay down. Eww. (We do our best to keep them out of his reach).

If that isn’t crazy enough, we’ve found he’s taken a liking to plastic straws. Don’t leave a Starbucks iced coffee on the table. He’ll jump up and do his best to get the straw out and take it to chew on. He’ll even check the trash can to see if he can find one there. He stands up beside it and the lid goes up.

Sebastian is also obsessed with lizards that manage to get into the house. He lies in wait for them, pounces and then proceeds to eat them. Sometimes he stands full length on the windowsill watching. He also loves mice, but we don’t have too many of those around. Or maybe we do but he keeps the population down.

exasperated by a cat
He loves sitting in the window


He is so busy we can’t keep up with him, except when he finally gets tired. Then he’ll curl up on the back of the couch or in someone’s lap and sleep for awhile. Actually, he sleeps in a variety of places and positions.

Upside down on the window sill
Face scrunched up against the arm of the couch

Though we are thoroughly exasperated with Sebastian at times, he’s a lovable, cuddly cat. His coat is fluffy and he loves to be around people. He’s also quite talkative, especially when I first get up in the morning. He meows loudly and follows me around until I get him some food.

Sometimes it even seems like he’s trying to carry on a conversation. If he wants to come into a room, he’s been known to keep working at the door handle until it gets pushed down enough to open it. I have never seen a cat quite like Sebastian and probably never will see another.

This cat is 9 years old, yet he’s as active as ever. He’s technically my son’s cat, but he really belongs to all of us.

Sebastian, the Maine Coon, also nicknamed Seabass

This is Day 8 in the #write28days challenge and the word prompt is exasperated. Links to my other posts in the series can be found on my landing page.

14 thoughts on “Exasperated by a Hilarious, Remarkable, Sneaky, Loving Cat

    1. Glad you enjoyed the story, Bettie! He is such a character. I never thought about a children’s book but that might work really well! Blessings and love to you, dear sister! xoxo

  1. Such a sweet post. We just lost our lovely boxer, Pablo, and are still grieving – we can’t but recall all his antics and the absolute pest he could be, but how we loved him. I can see that Sebastian is the same.

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