Energize Your Day: Pray, Be Thankful, Eat a Good Breakfast


I don’t always do this, but when I acknowledge God first thing, it helps me remember that He is with me throughout the day. Anytime of the day I can say a prayer even if it’s only a few words. But starting the day with God puts me in a better frame of mind. Even if I say a short prayer before I get out of bed, it points me in the right direction for the rest of the day.

A prayer/song I wrote and put on this photo with our house in the background
Oh Father, thank you for 
your love for me
Dear Father, thank you for 
your tender care

Give me eyes to see Your 
glory shining
Everywhere my daily 
journey takes me

Even when my path leads 
me through troubles
May I never doubt that 
You are with me

Though the way be dark or 
filled with sunshine
May your great glory shine 
much brighter still.


Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His faithful love endures forever.

Psalm 136:1

I believe that gratitude can help energize your day. When I am discouraged or start complaining about things I don’t like or can’t change, I do not feel very energetic. In fact, it kind of saps the energy out of me and my attitude is one that makes people want to stay out of my way.

But when I choose to look for things to be thankful for and actually give thanks to God, my attitude can do an about face. When I am thankful and actively giving thanks, I feel more relaxed and content. Then I am better able to go about my tasks with joy, to be ready to help others and not be irritated at interruptions.

 A Prayer of Thanks
 God, I give you thanks
 You are the great Creator
 Sun, moon, twink'ling stars
 Wind and rain and dancing trees
 Nature's beauty shines
 God, I give you thanks
 You are merciful and good
 Your purposes stand
 My salvation rests in You
 Your love never ends 


Most days I do eat a good, healthy breakfast but sometimes I settle for cereal. When that happens I get hungry again before lunch time. Often we eat bacon or sausage and eggs with toast. Sometimes we have sausage and homemade pancakes. If it’s a cold morning we eat old fashioned oatmeal and put fruit, cinnamon and maple syrup to flavor it. And, of course we have coffee.

We usually grind the coffee beans unless we use a Keurig pod

My husband has an iron skillet plate on which he cooks eggs and sausage almost every morning. This gives him protein and plenty of energy to begin his day. Sometimes I’ll make scones or coffeecake or muffins to go along. Juice or fruit are often included.

This week while on vacation, we’ve had a variety of foods. Yesterday we went to eat at one of our favorite places near the condo where we stay. The Frog Pond has a breakfast menu with crepes, quiches, omelets, fruit, eggs, toast, meat – you name it and they probably have it. With gigantic servings we usually have some to bring home for later.

energize your day with a good breakfast
This is my Frog Pond breakfast. Somewhere underneath all that food is a crepe.

Although we can’t do this all the time, it’s energizing to have breakfast out with family you don’t see often. Here is my husband’s sister with her husband and Steve and me in front of The Frog Pond.

energize your day with famly
We are having a lovely time with family.


Every morning after breakfast, my husband and I read the Bible together. Currently we are in Jeremiah. Then we read a chapter from a book. Currently we are reading Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis. Finally we are reading a very short daily devotion on marriage called The Meaning of Marriage – A Couple’s Devotional by Timothy and Kathy Keller.

When my husband and I were reading in Jeremiah recently, a few verses really stood out to me. So using a computer program I typed them in on a photo. I try to read them every morning to remind me that knowing God is the most important thing in my life. This passage would be good for me to memorize.

energize your morning

This is Day 9 of the #Write28days challenge and the prompt is the word, energize. The links to all my posts in the series can be found on my landing page.

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