Predicament: Hillside Walk, Slip, Suddenly on the Ground

Rhymezone defines predicament as a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one. I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in sticky situations at times where it’s hard to know what to do. Or maybe we know what to do but not quite how to do it.

When we had lived in our log house for almost a year, I found myself in quite a predicament. All the details are a bit fuzzy, but I’ll relay the story as I remember it. My daughters might remember a bit more.

Our hillside with the house at the top. The driveway is to the right of the house.


Our house sits at the top of a long hill. In the summer the grass is a lush green and very soft. I love walking through it barefoot and even have a poem about it.

 Barefoot in the Grass
 I walked barefoot in the grass today
 Wet and cool
 A balm to my feet
 I walked barefoot in the grass today
 Freshly cut
 A welcome respite
 I walked barefoot in the grass today
 Soft and coarse
 Short blades, green and brown
 I walked barefoot in the grass today
 At sunset
 Peaceful and serene
 I walked barefoot in the grass today
 All alone
 With only hens and dogs
 I walked barefoot in the grass today
 Pure, simple and sweet
This is about halfway down and you can see where our driveway begins.

This particular afternoon I was not barefoot. The incident happened in winter, when the grass was dry, brown and slippery. I’m not sure what the reason was that I started walking down the hill. I think my daughters were walking with their little brothers. They were just getting back, so I started to walk down to meet them.

But I only made it partway down, because my right foot slipped, my left leg twisted and I landed on the ground. There was a slight cracking sound and I felt like something wasn’t right. It didn’t actually hurt, but I instantly thought something was broken. I was wearing shoes, but they must have been slick on the bottom.


Of course, my daughters saw me and came to my aid. At the time, I really wasn’t sure what to do. I told them I thought I had broken my ankle, but they weren’t sure. The predicament was that we needed a way to get me back up the hill. Though my husband was at work, we still had our van on the driveway.

This is the view from the lower part of the driveway.

So I basically scooted backwards up the hill using my hands and uninjured leg. It must have been quite a comical sight! When I got to the van, which was right at the top, I was able to push myself up onto the floor and then the seat. My daughter, Jamie, drove me to the hospital to have it checked.

I’m sure we waited awhile and had x-rays taken, which showed a hairline fracture just above my ankle. They wrapped it up, gave me crutches and and appointment to see the orthopedic doctor in a few days. There he put on a cast, which came almost to my knee. I had to wear it for six weeks.


This busy mom had another predicament – figure out what to do for six weeks, not being able to walk a lot or do the normal chores. My daughters were able to take care of cooking and the housework and even with caring for their younger brothers. I don’t remember a lot about that time period, but I knew I needed a project to do while sitting a lot.

Even back then I enjoyed crocheting, though I didn’t usually have time for much. So I decided it would be fun to make an afghan. I had never made a large project before, and this would be the perfect time.

I used a shell pattern with mostly brown yarn. And for contrast I used tan colored yarn to make some stripes in the middle and at both ends. It turned out well. I would still have it today, except someone got sick on it in the car and we never could get it cleaned well. By that time it was getting kind of ratty looking anyway, so I got rid of it.


Those last weeks of wearing the cast were not fun. My leg began to itch underneath but I couldn’t really scratch it. So I was ready for it to come off. What I wasn’t ready for was how it would feel to try to walk again using both feet.

When the cast was finally off my left felt so light! And I had a very odd feeling when I first tried to put weight on it. Maybe I was just a little timid to try. I believe the doctor had me wear some kind of boot, and then I was to walk some each day.

I’m sure things gradually got back to normal. When it first happened, sweet friends from church came to visit and brought food for us. It was a blessing that it was not a bad fracture and it was quite an adventure for me as I’d never broken any bones before.

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage and He shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. ~Psalm 27:14 NKJ

May God help us in whatever predicaments we find ourselves and may He give us courage, strength and patience to wait for Him.

This is Day 10 of the #Write28days challenge. The word prompt is predicament. Links to my other posts in this series can be found at my landing page.

4 thoughts on “Predicament: Hillside Walk, Slip, Suddenly on the Ground

  1. Oh Gayl, you have a way of making even a broken bone sound like a new adventure! Thank you for sharing your cheerful heart with us here. I am praying that God will stir up cheerfulness in my heart too, no matter what the predicament may be! Love and hugs to you dear friend!

    1. Thank you, dear Bettie! I’m glad it you enjoyed it. Yes, I pray for you and your family that God will give wisdom and cheerfulness, too. Blessings and love to you dear sister! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Corinne! Yes, I hadn’t really thought of it that way. But it really did help me get through that time. Thanks for your encouragement. Blessings to you!

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