Observant: Notice Details, Watch for Opportunities to Show Kindness

I wonder how much we miss when we rush through life from one thing to another. We get so busy it’s hard to be observant, isn’t it? When I take the time to pause during the day and actually notice things, I am more aware of what’s going on.

For instance, as I type this while sitting in my living room, I hear the chimes outside. I look out the window and see the trees swaying – evidence of the wind blowing. Looking at the sky, I see it is a pale blue today. Many of the trees on the hill across the way are still bare, and their brown color stands out against the blue background.

view from my front porch today


How often do we notice the people around us, those who live with us or those we work with? It’s so easy to be wrapped up in our own thoughts that we miss what others are doing or how they are feeling. Do we miss opportunities to ask how they are doing and then really take time to listen? Or maybe offer to make a cup of tea to encourage them to take a break?

Currently there are four adults living in this house and occasionally five. We all have various schedules and don’t always have much time together. But often in the evening we will watch something together, making comments and observations throughout. Sometimes we have deeper conversations, especially when there are only a couple of us around.

Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility consider others as more important than yourselves. Everyone should look not to his own interests, but rather to the interests of others.

Philippians 2:3-4

If we take time to show interest in what others are doing, we often get to know them better in the process. For instance, my son will sometimes share about a story he’s working on, and I think it helps him sort it out while he talks as I listen. When my daughter-in-law comes in from work, I try to remember to ask her how the day went. But sometimes I forget when I’m busy working at the computer.


My husband and I usually spend time in the mornings after breakfast reading together. We start with a chapter in the Bible of the book we are currently working through. Then we read some from another book from various authors. Next a short devotion about marriage, and currently another short Lenten devotional.

Often our reading is a springboard for topics we discuss together. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we don’t, but it gives us a good opportunity to think about issues we both are concerned about. Then, after talking and listening to each other, we pray together. But for the rest of the day, at least until the evening, we are involved in different things.

one evening while on vacation this month

Even though we may be busy with our projects, we still need to be observant enough to be aware of the needs of each other. We need to be prepared to stop and listen when needed, or to be willing to wait if it’s not an emergency. Most importantly, we need to show love rather than irritation at the interruption.

God loves us and is also watching over us. Nothing goes unseen, and one day all the evil will be gone. We can rest in the fact that He will make things right one day. Until then we can show love and kindness to others, encouraging them along the way. Because God love us, we can love others.

photo taken at Redington Shores, Florida

I got behind in my writing every day in February. I think I left off on Day 11, and I hope to go back and catch up on the others.

This is my writing for Day 19 of the #Write28days challenge. The prompt word was, observant. You can find links to my other posts on my landing page.

6 thoughts on “Observant: Notice Details, Watch for Opportunities to Show Kindness

  1. I love the beautiful photos and thoughts that you shared with us from throughout your days. I appreciate the way that you are so aware and observant of the gifts of God around you. You bring such blessings as you share that with us! I pray now that I will see those same gifts around me here too. Blessings and hugs to you dear sister! xoxo

    1. Thank you, dear Bettie! I don’t always see those gifts when I let myself get too busy. But I’m so glad when I do remember. It’s so calming to notice the details and the beauty when we slow down, isn’t it? Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear poet/sister/friend! xoxo

  2. Gayl, these are such beautiful, relaxing images and inspiring thoughts. I love hearing how you spend your day and how you make time to notice those you live with, as you attempt to offer them time, attention, a listening ear, compassion and love. Observation is a desirable and necessary skill for a writer and poet, but I believe it’s best use stems from noticing those around us and developing a moment by moment awareness of God. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing from your kind, generous and gentle heart. Your words soothe the soul and leave us wiser as well. Blessings and love. xoxo ❤️

    1. Thank you so much, dear Joy. Yes, you are right about noticing those around us and that constant awareness of God in our everyday lives. I’m so glad you found this post soothing, and I appreciate your thoughts so much. Blessings and love to you, my dear friend! xoxo

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