Jesus Loved to the End: Brought Joy and New Life

(This is the final post in my Holy Week thoughts as we follow Jesus through the week before His crucifixion and resurrection. We see how Jesus loved to the end. Part 1 is HERE. Part 2 is HERE.)




Jesus did a lot more teaching during that last week. He was met at the temple early each morning by people who listened to his words. Every evening he went to the Mount of Olives to spend the night.


The religious leaders hated him more and more and wanted to get rid of him, but they were afraid of what his followers might do. So they waited and plotted. Guess they were pretty happy when Judas made a deal with them to betray Jesus when there was no crowd around.


You see, Judas knew where Jesus went every night and where the crowds did not follow.


While eating the Passover meal, Jesus actually let his disciples know that one of them would betray him, but it seems they didn’t really understand. When they finished the meal, they went to the Mount of Olives where Jesus told them they would all desert him. Peter was adamant that he would never leave, but Jesus warned him that he would deny him three times before the cock would crow.


I would like to think I would have followed him to the end, but even those closest to him, those who had spent so much time with him, ran away. They all ran away! They were afraid and didn’t know what to think. Would I have done any better?






Jesus often went to the Mount of Olives to pray. The night he was betrayed we see him there praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.


He was in anguish and sweating profusely, so much so that his sweat was like drops of blood. Even an angel came to minister to him. This was no easy task he was facing, but he did it because of his love for mankind.


He asked Peter, James and John to keep watch and to pray, but instead, their eyelids became heavy and they fell asleep. While Jesus poured out his heart in agony to God, asking if there could be any other way, His disciples were sleeping.




This happened not once but three times!


It would be tempting to call them out, but am I any better? Do I keep watch? Do I spend enough time in prayer or do I fall asleep too often? I know my intentions are good, but I also know that I don’t always follow through. My prayer is that I will become more aware of how to keep watch, how to live my life pointing others to the One who gave his life for me.





He also loves us and has compassion on us. Because Jesus loved, He went through the awful death. He knew what was waiting for him at the end. After the shame and agony of the beatings, the mocking, the cruel death, He knew He would be restored to his rightful place at the Father’s right hand. Even though he knew all this, it did not take away the awful pain and suffering he had to endure.


As a mother, I can’t imagine how horrible this was for his mother, Mary. She saw her son beaten almost beyond recognition and in great pain. She watched them nail him to the cross. Then, after much agony, He died. I like to think that even with all the horror, she held on to a hope deep within her, the hope that he would be raised from the dead just like he said.


You and I know the rest of the story.




Jesus loved to the end. He is now with the Father interceding on our behalf. I don’t know about you, but that brings great comfort to me. 


Who is the one who condemns? Christ Jesus is the one who died, but even more, has been raised; he also is at the right hand of God and intercedes for us. ~ Romans 8:34 CSB


Jesus has taken the penalty for my sin. He will never condemn me, because of what he did on the cross. I can take comfort in the fact that Jesus loves me and is always with me.


Where do you stand this Easter? Have you found peace in the only One who can give true peace? I pray that you would find joy in knowing that Jesus loves and cares for all His creation. His love never ends.


Betrayal, Resurrection and Untold Joy

A night spent in prayer
Then came a kiss to betray
What a bitter taste

But all was not lost
Lips of evil would bring death
A taste of turmoil


Out of death came life
A resurrected Savior
Taste this kiss of light

Jesus, born to die
Offered Himself in our place
Taste this gift of love


Everything is fresh
Death’s hold has lost its power
Come taste of new life

Morning breaks in song
Dew sparkles with sun kissed light
Taste of untold joy


2 thoughts on “Jesus Loved to the End: Brought Joy and New Life

  1. So beautiful, Gayl. I too have thought so often about how I would have reacted had I been there, and know that I fall so short. What a precious gift of grace we have been given, lifting away all shame and condemnation. Your poem expresses so well the heart and meaning of this Resurrection week. Thank you for re-sharing these posts. Blessings and love to you and your family for Easter!

    1. Thank you, dear Bettie. Yes, His grace is showered on us and I am so thankful. Because of Jesus, we are not condemned. Amen! Blessings to you, dear friend! xoxo

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