Broken but Not in Despair: A Heart Full of Hope



I had some time this afternoon, so I decided to see what I could come up with for the Five Minute Friday word prompt, broken. A poem started in my mind so I began to write. Thoughts of deep desires and heartaches seemed to surface as I wrote out my thoughts. And I realized that we can be broken but not in despair.

broken but not in despair

Though at times I may be tempted to despair because of circumstances that seem to overwhelm, I remember that God is with me. When Jesus was on earth He felt all the kinds of sorrows and temptations that we do as human beings. Because of this He can identify with all our pain and heartaches.

Even if certain things seem hopeless, I know that nothing is impossible with God. So instead of despair, I choose to trust. God gives me peace and comfort as I pray and read His Word. And loving friends pray and encourage me with their words and thoughtful actions.



Technically with Five Minute Friday we are just supposed to write for five minutes on the prompt given and not worry about editing. The main idea is to get people writing. As I began writing the poem I had lots of interruptions, so it took a little more than five minutes. And once I was done, I edited it a little but all total it was probably about ten minutes.

Broken But Not Despairing 
 Broken and bleeding
 A soul filled with doubt
 That what I request will
 Not ever come about
 Holding inside so
 much pain and heartache
 I carry a burden 
 That could cause me to break
 Yet my heavenly
 Father understands
 Tender and loving, He
 Holds me close in His hands
 Broken and bleeding
 But not in despair
 I place all my trust in
 My Father’s love and care
broken but not in despair

Jesus was broken for us when He died on the cross, taking our burdens and sins upon Himself. But that’s not where things ended. He conquered death and rose to glory, now interceding for us at the Father’s right hand. We need never despair, because He is our hope and our peace.


For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ. ~ 2 Corinthians 5:21 NLT


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27 thoughts on “Broken but Not in Despair: A Heart Full of Hope

  1. This is so beautiful, Gayl. His living breathing Word is such a comfort, filling our broken hearts with such hope. I so love how your poem ends, for that love and care is not just for those Christ’s heart in us labors for, but for us also. Beautifully One in our God. Love you and so thankful for God’s encouragement through you.

    1. Thank you so much, Anna. Yes, the love and care is for us, too. Thank you for pointing that out. I am also thankful for you and the way you encourage me. Blessings, love and hugs to you! xoxo

  2. Such a beautiful poem, Gayl! And what a precious comfort God gave you in the midst of your interruptions to be able to see that He holds us in HIS hands while we are so broken and bleeding. Thank you for all of your sweet encouragment that you share with us. Love and hugs!

  3. Gayl, such a beautiful reminder that no matter the deep pain in our hearts, the Lord sees, the Lord knows, the Lord is with us, and the Lord draws near to us.

  4. Beautiful poem, Gayl!

    I’m dealing with a lot more ‘broken-ness’ in my physical fabric these days, but not despairing, perhaps for a different reason.

    Sure, it’s getting hard to breathe,
    and the pain? Well, I won’t lie,
    but there are some who do believe
    that I’m too dumb to die.
    I look on cancer as a sport,
    a challenge every day,
    and though my body sells me short,
    I’m just a dude at play
    in a bloody lethal game
    that’s really kind of fun,
    when no hour’s quite the same,
    and I’m never numb
    except to those who think I’m full
    of solid bone all through my skull.

    1. Thank you, Andrew! Yes, you’ve really had what seems like more than your share of brokenness. But you’re still so creative with your words. Always love your poems! Blessings to you and Barb and may God bring comfort and relief!

  5. “Yet my heavenly
    Father understands
    Tender and loving, He
    Holds me close in His hands”

    Beautiful poem – so very glad He holds us so close in the easy – and the hardest of hard!

  6. I’d like to say I’m afraid but not despairing! We’re living in a scary time in India – the second wave of Covid is raging…
    Thank you for your words. I’m clinging on to my faith.

    1. Oh, Corinne, it must be so very hard with Covid raging. May God grant comfort and peace and healing and keep you close. Praying for relief for your country.

    1. Rebecca, thank you so much. Yes, you are right. He was already heartbroken through much of His ministry. How thankful I am for His love and sacrifice. Blessings to you!

  7. This is a beautiful poem, Gayl. I am so thankful that Jesus gives us hope beyond our problems, and cares of this world💖‼️ Here is my attempt at a 5 minute poem.
    Victors not Victims- by Terry James
    Victors, not victims are who will be,
    When our glorious Saviour with our own eyes we see.
    Even in the here and now,
    We shall find comfort when we bow,
    To the one who does understand and know our every burden, our every woe.
    This amazing comfort and peace only comes from the one who said from the cross, “It is finished; it is done.”
    Yes!, for us the victory is already won!
    I thank you dear Jesus for the cross that you willingly bore.
    Thank you for what you did for me!
    Because of you, a victor, not a victim, I will always be.
    This is my feeble attempt at a 5 minute poem 🥰‼️ I do not think I am capable of a 5 minute poem🤣‼️ Thank you, Gayl for sharing your gift💖🥰‼️ God bless you 🙏!!

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