Review a Past Year: An Informative Blog Adventure in ReVerse


Do you ever review a past year to note highs and lows or to just see where you’ve been? There are many ways to do this. We could rely on our memories, but they might be a bit selective, forgetting some important things. Another way is to keep a journal, but that only works if you remember to write in it often. Or, if you are a blogger, reviewing your blog posts from the year is a good way to re-walk that path. Still another way is to keep a record with photographs. I’m sure you could think of other ways.

Have you ever heard of a ReVerse poem? I had not until I read the post, A Year in ReVerse, by Kat Myrman.There she explains that a ReVerse poem “is a summary poem with a single line lifted from each entry of a collection of work over a particular timeframe and re-penned in chronological order as a new poem.”  In a way it is her own creation. This type of ReVerse is not the same as reverse chronology, which Wikipedia defines as “a method of storytelling whereby the plot is revealed in reverse order.”

Since I am a blogger, I decided to look back over all my blog posts in 2021, I chose one or two lines from a variety of posts. There were months I skipped, and others I lifted a couple of lines, some of which were from poems. Then, I listed them in chronological order as they had appeared in the posts from January through December.




A breath of fresh air is always welcome.

Life has its ups and downs

With the sunrise comes a brand-new day.

And, of course we have coffee.

Spring rain softly falling

There is something peaceful about the rain.

I’m so glad God gives us each new day.

Birds fill the air with their songs and the day is fresh and new.

Because God’s presence is with me all the time,

I have a great sense of security and peace.

Prayer is a powerful connection to our awesome God.

There is always a place for hope

As I look back over the year there are highs and lows.

Through all circumstances God has been faithful.



It’s interesting to me how even though there were ups and downs, there were new fresh starts. Prayer and hope and my relationship with God all show up through the year. Covering it all, God’s presence was with me.

review a past year

How about you? Have you reviewed the past year? Would you like to try using this method of ReVerse? You might have fun like I did. I may even do it again using poems from last year.

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4 thoughts on “Review a Past Year: An Informative Blog Adventure in ReVerse

  1. I love this form of poetry that you used Gayl! It really shows how God was planting the seeds of this year’s HOPE throughout your posts last year! Congratulations on your new blog service. I pray blessings on all of your writing now. Love and hugs! Xo

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