Sciatica and Metaphor: Unique Way to Process Pain


So how do sciatica and metaphor go together? For the past few weeks, I have been dealing with sciatic pain – sometimes mild and sometimes excruciating. The pain seems worse around my knee, but it begins in my hip. Then it goes down my leg and even in my foot. Since I didn’t have the diagnosis at first, I had no idea what was causing it and had a hard time describing it to others. There were a few Chronic Joy printables scattered on my desk, and one of them caught my eye – Metaphor: The Language of Pain. I thought to myself, Wow, that’s just what I need!

After making a list of the symptoms and answering some questions on the printable, I was able to describe my pain using battle terms. I originally thought about writing an allegory from my notes, but it seemed better to just share it as I wrote it. I hope it will encourage you to check out the Metaphor printable, especially if you have chronic illness or pain.


Sometimes my whole leg feels like a battleground where I am fighting pain from an unknown, unannounced enemy. My knee is constantly pummeled by pain. Sometimes there is a lull when the pain is less. Other times it’s like a bomb has gone off behind my knee causing a burst of excruciating pain. I quickly change positions, gather weapons of defense, and hold my muscles firm (which unfortunately causes more tension).

As the battle drags on, each day is a drain on me physically and emotionally. My energy wanes and I feel washed out, ready only for sleep. Walking becomes harder as my left leg screams to be left alone. I limp, putting more pressure on my right leg but knowing that if I’m not careful, problems might start up there, too.

Yet, I don’t give up. I fight like a good soldier, calling upon reinforcements to support me. These come in the way of friends who send encouraging messages, songs, or scriptures and let me know they are praying for me. I also turn to God in desperation, calling on Him to give me strengthhealing, and wisdom. Then, I find practical things to do that help little by little.

***To read the rest of this post about sciatica and metaphor, come on over to Chronic Joy where I share some practical ways to help.***

2 thoughts on “Sciatica and Metaphor: Unique Way to Process Pain

  1. I love these metaphors that God used to help you process your pain, dear Gayl! Thank you for always being such an encouragement. May you feel those prayers being lifted for you today now too. Love & hugs!

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