Trust in God Alone: Find Hope, Joy, Love, and Freedom


I recently began a new devotional – Joy in the Journey through the Year -a collection of writings from some of Michael Card’s books. There are six devotions – one for each weekday and one that combines Saturday and Sunday. Each devotion begins with scripture, short book excerpts, and a question or statement encouraging you to journal a response. I thought it would help me get back into journaling daily with thoughts, poetry, and scripture. Though I’ve missed a few days, I’m beginning to make a daily habit.

The first day starts with reminding us that Jesus is the Word. He is God-in-the-flesh. He is wisdom, and He is light. Without the Word, we would be lost in a vast, chaotic world with no hope. In short, we would be in bondage to sin and at the mercy of whatever the current philosophy. With the Word, we have order, purpose, true freedom and peace of mind, and the sure hope of eternal life. Though some trials and evils befall us, we trust in God alone to uphold us.


The devotion for this weekend is titled It All Belongs to Him, and the verse shared is:

Who do I have in heaven but you? And I desire nothing on earth but you. (Psalm 73:25)

The chapter begins by reminding us of the beautiful gift of creation that we enjoy. Yet we must be careful not to let the gift overshadow the Giver, who is God. Here’s a quote:

“Perhaps we are tempted to embrace God’s gifts because we really desire to possess them… God gives us fantastic gifts, but he wants us to remember that everything belongs to him. He wants to be our only possession.”

When I read that last sentence, it reminded me of some words in Michael Card’s song “The Things We Leave Behind.”

“With Jesus our only possession,
Then giving becomes our delight.
And we can’t imagine the freedom we find
From the things we leave behind.”


Yesterday, as I listened to the song, pondering the words, I began writing a poem. This morning I finished the poem as I thought about my desire to put God first and to live in the freedom that He provides. When I trust in God alone, I can have joy and peace and be generous in sharing with others.

Lord, here’s my heart
Fill it with desire for You
above all others

Turning from the world
with its empty promises
I trust God alone

When I surrender
His love freely flows through me
Bringing hope and light

With God in first place
possessions are held lightly
All are gifts from Him

I will freely share
with a heart of compassion
Giving thanks and praise

I am not my own
Yet I enjoy true freedom
Resting in God’s hands

Though trials will come
There is no need to worry
He will see me through

Lord, here’s my heart
I will always follow You,
My source of freedom

Though I desire to put God first, I don’t always succeed. Yet God’s love is greater than I can fathom, and He is always ready to forgive. Thinking of all the love He has shown me helps me share it with others.

Have you listened to the song? Did it stir any thoughts in your heart?

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6 thoughts on “Trust in God Alone: Find Hope, Joy, Love, and Freedom

  1. Oh I love that song, Gayl, and your poem flows so well with it. That song meant so much to me many years ago. So I thank you for stirring those memories and encouraging me to revisit those thoughts in this season of my life. I long to embrace Him more fully here too. Blessings and prayers dear sister! ♥️

    1. It really is a good song, Bettie! I’m glad it has encouraged you in the past and again now. Thank you for your support and love, dear Bettie. I’m so glad we can encourage each other. Blessings, love and hugs to you, sweet sister! xoxo

  2. Gayl, this entire post was just beautiful – the thoughts, your poem, and the song! I have not ever heard the song before. As I listened (more than once) it hit me that while in this life we may leave things behind, Jesus never leaves us. We take Him wherever we go and nothing can ever separate us from Him. And today, that is a most encouraging and comforting thought to my soul! Bless you!

    1. Joanne, thank you so much! You are right – Jesus never leaves us, no matter what, and that really is a comforting truth.

      I’m glad you liked the song. It really is a good one.

      I’m so glad you were encouraged today! Blessings to you! xo

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