Boundaries are Important for Life


When God created the earth, He set boundaries so that it would continue in a regular orbit. He positioned the sun and moon and established cycles for the seasons. Before He fashioned all the unique creatures that would inhabit his creation, He ensured the planet was welcoming by designing a beautiful garden.

The day is yours, also the night; you established the moon and the sun. You set all the boundaries of the earth; you made summer and winter. 

(Psalm 74:16-17)

God also established boundaries for the people He created. When they obeyed, they lived in harmony with God, the land, and the creatures. Sadly, Adam and Eve disobeyed and lost their right to live in that beautiful garden. The world was spoiled because of sin. Yet, not all was lost.

God provided a way to redeem the world and His people. His beloved son Jesus conquered death and evil through His death on the cross and subsequent resurrection. He secured our redemption because He took our place, paying the penalty for sin. One day we will have resurrected bodies like Jesus’ and spend eternity with Him. Until then, we can still have a relationship with Him here and now.


God’s commands are non-negotiable, but other choices vary from person to person. Have you ever thought that establishing boundaries can be a form of self-care? I knew they were important but never considered it self-care until I looked over Chronic Joy’s Self-Care and Healthy Boundaries. This printable suggests that when we have clear boundaries, we realize what we are responsible for and what is out of our hands.


To read the rest, follow me over to Chronic Joy! An added feature there is the audio, so you can listen to the post.

4 thoughts on “Boundaries are Important for Life

  1. I’m still a work-in-progress at setting boundaries, Gayl. According to that printable, there is so much more I need to set boundaries in, especially emotionally. I need to reflect on them more, also the reflection questions. I loved the prayer. Love and blessings to you!

    1. Oh, Trudy, I think we are all a work in progress with boundary setting and other things. Thank you for your thoughts! Yes, the printable can be a guide to help us think of things we may have missed. I hope you were encouraged as you read. May God give you wisdom and strength and grace as you follow Him. Love and blessings right back to you! xo

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