Becoming a New Author: My Challenging, Rewarding Journey


My story of becoming a new author actually began in childhood, as I have always been interested in writing. Fast forward to the Autumn of 2013, when my daughter asked me to write an article for her blog. With her encouragement and support, I started my own blog shortly after submitting my article to her.

In August of 2022, I wrote a book of 31 devotions while resting and recuperating after being sick. Much of it came from my former blog posts and other articles. Each devotional uses scripture, poetry, and some examples from my life. Later, I added prayers and reflection questions. The writing came so quickly I thought, “Wow, that was easy.”

Little did I know how NOT easy the journey would be.

Since I work as a volunteer for Chronic Joy, I asked my co-workers to read it. I was surprised when Chronic Joy offered to publish it. I would sign a release, and any royalties would go to them. After praying about it, I agreed.


It seemed like things were moving along when a hurdle appeared on the journey. Though many friends had read it, and no one had seen any glaring errors, the editor disagreed. I was given the option to take it back and publish it on my own.

After some soul-searching and praying about it, I decided to stick with Chronic Joy. Then, it took more praying to realize I had not fully surrendered it to God. Early on, I believed that He had helped me write it, and I still believed that, but I needed to completely put it in His hands, which I did as I prayed.


Finally, after many, many edits, I took my hands off, completely releasing it to Chronic Joy. Then, I waited and prayed. Whenever I wanted to ask about its progress, I prayed that God would give me patience and help me trust His timing. Now they have published the book! I am thankful for the extra editing time because it helped me write a better book and deepened my relationship with God.

This is a very exciting experience for me. I pray that this book will encourage all who read to continue journeying to the Light (who is Jesus), putting your trust in Him daily.


The first time I listened to Michael Card’s music, it drew me in because it is unique. He uses a variety of styles, and the lyrics are always meaningful. Often, as my husband and I were reading scripture together, we would remark to one another, “Hey, there’s a Michael Card song!” The fact that he based his songs on the Word of God made them even more meaningful to us.

He is also a gifted Bible scholar and teacher. Since 2016, we have been attending a 5-day Intensive Bible training seminar he leads, usually held the third week of July. When he teaches, his excitement shows his love for God’s Word. It rubs off and invites his listeners to read the Bible slowly instead of rushing through familiar passages, to dig deeper, and ask questions, all with a desire to know God better.

So, I took the leap and sent him an email requesting him to read over the draft and write the foreword. A few weeks passed, and I wasn’t sure if it would work out. Yet, God was leading each step of the way. When I checked with Mike later, he not only had begun writing it but was almost finished. Needless to say, I was thrilled and thankful that he would take the time to do this for me.


Throughout the journey of writing this book, there were many ups and downs with a full range of emotions. There was excitement, frustration, misunderstandings, hard conversations, much wrestling in prayer, and weariness. Yet with all that, there was much joy and excitement as we worked and waited for its completion in God’s timing.

Have you ever attempted something and met with trials along the way? Did you feel like giving up? Most, if not all of us, have probably had those feelings. Yet, with God’s help, we can persevere when the going is hard.

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances may cause us to abandon an attempt, but we can learn from it. Our God has promised to be with us always, and He can turn what looks like a failure into something good.

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

**Journey Into Light is available at Chronic Joy and on Amazon.**

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30 thoughts on “Becoming a New Author: My Challenging, Rewarding Journey

  1. Gayl,
    I’m so proud of you for all of this! Mostly, I’m proud of you for turning it all over to God!! That is the hardest part. Yay!!
    I’m so proud of you 🌸
    Eyes on Jesus…you shine!

  2. Gayl, this is such a beautiful testimony. May the Lord bless this book and use it in the lives of many. Even when we are in the will of God, we all need encouragement to persevere and stay the course. Congratulations!

  3. I love getting this behind the scenes story. And I am a huge fan and listener of Michael!
    Your story confirms my sense that one of the chief benefits of going with a publisher (over self-publishing) is the presence of an impartial editor.

    1. Thank you, Michele! Yes, it could be easy to miss things when we self-publish, unless we are very meticulous and not emotionally tied to it. LOL Blessings and love to you!

  4. Congratulations dear Gayl on this wonderful new gift! May God bring blessings now as you send your beautiful book out into His world. May He bring it to each one who needs its encouragement. And may He return that encouragement to you now, as He brings the fruit of your surrender full circle! Sending big hugs and love dear sister! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much, dear Bettie! I appreciate your friendship, love, advice, prayers and encouragement. You are a true friend! Blessings, love and hugs to you! xoxo

  5. Congratulations, Gayl! Thank you for sharing your journey with getting it published as you put it again and again into God’s hands. May God bless it to the hearts of many! Love and blessings to you!

    1. Thank you so much, Trudy! Yes, it seems like when we surrender something to God we tend to take it back, but God is so good to us. I pray that it will bless many. Love and blessings to you, too! xo

  6. Gayl, I’m so glad you wrote a book! I know you’ve had some major challenges in the past few years, and I’ve prayed for you when I see your posts. So glad you persevered in this journey of faith and writing too. Blessings to you!

    1. Sarah, thank you so much! I appreciate your prayers and it means a lot to know that you pray for me. Thank you for your encouragement! Blessings and hugs! xo

  7. Congratulations, again, Gayl. It is beautiful how God brought a deeper blessing in the surrenders along the way.

    You are an inspiration to persevere through the challenges that come our way, to willingly enter (and remain in) that refining fire to come out of it with God’s pure gold. It’s a timely encouragement for me with something right now. Thank you for this reminder.

    May God bring such refreshing to you now too, in your refreshing of others in God’s Word and your testimony.

    1. Thank you so much, dear Anna! You have been such an encouraging, faithful, praying friend. I appreciate you. I’m so glad to be able to inspire you, too, to persevere. With God’s help, we can get through whatever comes our way. Blessings and love and hugs to you, dear friend! xo

  8. Congratulations Gayle! I chose to listen to your article and boy did you ever touch me in such a comforting way as I reflected on your words as I thoughtfully listened to your words.
    {{Hugs}} xo

  9. Wow … what a powerful portrayal of your journey as an author. I so appreciate your honesty about the challenges as well as the joy. And having Michael Card write the foreword is an extra special blessing. I rejoice with you, Gayl, in this wonderful accomplishment that will bring hope and inspiration to many people.

    1. Thank you so much, Lee Ann! Yes, it really is a special blessing to have him write the foreword! I do pray that the book will encourage and inspire those who read it to continue on their journey into light. Blessings to you, dear one! xo

  10. First, congratulations Gayl, on publishing your book! And what a journey of praying and persevering through the hard, seeking and listening to God’s direction. You’ve inspired me! Secondly, Michael Card’s name sounded familiar, and then I remembered one of his books, “The Walk” was part of a church leadership course I took. Wonderful book. How exciting that he wrote your Forward!

    1. Thank you so much, Lynn! Glad you are inspired! Yes, in the times we’ve been under Michael’s teaching, he always shares a lot about William Lane. He’s really the one who got Mike into writing music. Blessings to you!

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