Welcome to my landing page for #31DaysofFiveMinuteFreeWrites!


I hope to share a snippet of encouragement each day using art, poetry, Scripture or a combination of each.


Here you will find a list of all the posts as they go live:


Day 1: Story: Share as We Journey Through Life  

Day 2: Afraid: When Fear tries to Block your Story 

Day 3: Believe: Not in Yourself but in God 

Day 4: Why I Write and Share Art

Day 5: Share: To Make Life Meaningful and Diverse 

Day 6: Belong: To God and in Community

Day 7: Hope: A Light in the Darkness 

Day 8: Comfort: From God and Friends 

Day 9: Inspiration: Receive it and Give it Away

Day 10: How Do We Learn to Tell Our Stories

Day 11: Door: Pathway to New Opportunities

Day 12: Praise: God Turns our Complaining to Praise

Days 13 and 14: Talk: Sharing Thoughts and Asking Questions 

Day 15: When You Fail or have No Control 

Days 16 and 17: Pause to Pray throughout the Day 

Day 18: Search for Truth, Hope and Beauty

Day 19: Who Am I? More than a Woman, Wife or Mother 

Day 20: Audience Matters if Even Only One 

Day 21: Start: Begin at Home and Move Outward 

Day 22: Help from God and Loving Friends 

Day 23: Common: Working Towards Unity 

Day 24: Brief: Life is Short but Full of Meaning 

Day 25: Capture Moments with Words, Photos and Art 

Day 26: Moment by Moment Communion with God 

Day 27: Whole: Encouragement for Wholeness of Life 

Day 28: Song: Our Lives Join in Nature’s Symphony 

Day 29: Together: Part of the Family of God 

Day 30: Voice: Discover Yours and Speak Confidently 

Day 31: Close: An End and a Continuation