This is the landing page for all my posts this month as I write for #Write28days. Since I have no particular theme and will have a variety of posts, I named it Serendipity. I will be following the one word prompts chosen for this writing challenge.

Day 1: Disappointed? Try Music, Sunsets and Hearts Full of Love

Day 2: Enthusiasm: How New Word Sparks Joy and Excitement

Day 3: Lifetime Learners Never Lose a Sense of Wonder and Awe

Day 4: Make Your Life a Beautiful Song of Overflowing Love

Day 5: Sunrise: Imagining A New Day With Endless Possibilities

Day 6: In Awe: Worship God, Enjoy Creation and Love Life

Day 7: Emphasis: Focus on God to Find Freedom from Worry

Day 8: Exasperated by a Hilarious, Remarkable, Sneaky, Loving Cat

Day 9: Energize your Day: Pray, Be Thankful, Eat a Good Breakfast

Day 10: Predicament: Hillside Walk, Slip, Suddenly on the Ground

Day 11: Argument: Keep your Cool, Look for Truth Rather than Winning

Day 12: Once

Day 13: Awestruck

Day 14: Creativity

Day 15: Habit

Day 16: Serendipity

Day 17: Profession

Day 18: Experience

Day 19: Observant: Notice Details, Watch for Opportunities to Show Kindness

Day 20: Peaceable

Day 21: Recuperate

Day 22: Resemble

Day 23: Perception

Day 24: Persistent: One Step at a Time, Never Give Up

Day 25: Patience

Day 26: Hibernate

Day 27: Enable

Day 28: Perceive