Clouds Move, Chimes Ring, Trees Dance in the Wind

I’ve been so busy writing other types of poetry that I almost forgot about #RonovanWritesWeeklyHaikuChallenge. This week the prompt words are Blow & Please. I immediately thought of the wind and how it moves the clouds. Later my thoughts turned to birthday candles.     Moving […]

Seasons: Unique, Ever Changing, Always Returning

Welcome back to the #WeeklyHaikuChallenge at Ronovan Writes where the prompts are Spin & Water. As usual I couldn’t stop at just one haiku. The seasons seemed to capture my attention this week. [bctt tweet=”Join me as I travel from season to season through a story in haiku.” username=”GaylWright”] Fall […]

What Do I Crave the Most?

All of these wants are good and needed, but do I really crave them?

More than any of these listed I crave peace and a deeper relationship with God. Having all my children and grandchildren experience God’s peace and love would bring me even more joy. I pray that this verse will one day be realized for all my children.