Welcome to Tell a Memory Tuesday! I’m not sure how long this series will be, but each Tuesday I plan to share a memory from my past. Some will be in the form of poems and others will be told as stories.


This is the page where I will put links to each post as I write them. I’d love for you to come read and share memories of your own in the comments of each post. May you enjoy and be inspired to pen a record of your memories!





1. Memory: A Story from Childhood

2.  Wedding Day Remembrances

3. First House, New Puppy, First Baby

4. Adventures: A Puppy’s Antics and Baby’s Seasons¬†

5. Triplets? Fun Times and Helpful Friends

6. Year One of Marriage and a Big Move

7. Piano, Snow and a Pregnancy

8. Pleasure: In Playing Piano and from God

9. Adventure: Moving, New Baby, Rental House

10. House: Rental Problems and Another Move

11. Life in South Dakota: Part 1

12. Holidays and a Blizzard: South Dakota Part 2

13. Fun Times: South Dakota Part 3

14. Experiences: Friends and a Misunderstanding

15. Welcome to Our New Home in New Jersey

16. Kenilworth: Our First Year in New Jersey

17. Surprise: New Church, Extra Children

19. Loving Care: In Happy Times and Sad

20. Beach, Scary Thoughts and Looking Back

21. Poodle Skirt: When Daddy Sewed

22. Plainfield, NJ: Our Fixer-Upper House

23. Faithfulness: God’s Provision and Care

24. Exhausted: Plumbing Woes, Sickness and More

25. Troubles: Lost, Found and God’s Provision