Begin the Adventure

Here is my landing page for #Write28Days  Blogging Challenge. I have chosen the Five Minute Friday category. I hope to share something encouraging each day using photographs along with poetry and/or scriptures.


Join me on my adventure as I look for ways to encourage us each day. 


Today we begin!


Begin the Adventure


Day 1: Begin: Embark on Your Daily Adventure 

Day 2: Strive: Not Alone but with God’s Help 

Day 3: Glow: Shine with Light from Above  

Day 4: Simmer: Meditate on God’s Word and then Praise 

Day 5: Accept Limitations and Move Forward 

Day 6: Swan: There are No Ugly Ducklings 

Day 7: Build: A Strong Foundation and Encourage Others

Day 8: Night: Time for Rest and Prayer 

Day 9: Suppose: What if the World were Different 

Day 10: Reject the Lies and Enjoy Life

Day 11: Inquire: God Never Tires of our Questions 

Day 12: Dance: With Joy from your Heart

Day 13: Heart: For God and Others 

Day 14: Confident in a Faithful, Loving God 

Days 15-16: Heal: Kindness and Love Help Broken Spirits 

Day 17: Surrender: Trust God Even in Illness 

Days 18-19: Create: Creativity Contributes to Survival 

Day 20: Glory: May Our Lives Reflect God’s Light

Day 21: Just Another Rain Filled Day

Day 22: Darkness: Is There a Way Out?

Day 23: Reach: How Far-Reaching is God’s Love

Day 24: Mourn: Grieve and Weep but Rise with Hope

Day 25: Thrive: Rely on God for Strength and Courage

Day 26: Prune: Property, Home and Personal Life

Day 27: Commit: We Rely on God’s Commitment to Us

Day 28: Search: Awareness of God and Finding My Words