There are 31 days in October which makes it perfect for a Write 31 Days challenge. I participated the last few years, though some I did not complete. 31 Days to a Healthier Lifestyle was my title for last year. This year I am trying something different.

If you read my blog you know I use photographs and write a lot of poetry. I especially enjoy writing haiku. This form challenges me to fit a specific thought or feeling into 17 syllables. [bctt tweet=”Often I make many changes before I am satisfied with the result.” username=”GaylWright”]

Nature is My Theme

Using photographs and haiku I will concentrate on Nature as my theme. Each day I will write a haiku based on a photograph I have taken. For the days when I don’t feel very creative I will use a photo and haiku from my previous files. 

Last year I also tried to incorporate the prompts for 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes. That worked pretty well so I am taking the challenge again. This time I hope to tie them in with my theme of nature.


Write 31 Days


My List of Posts for Write 31 Days 2017:

Day 1: Nature Joins to Worship God
Day 2: Tiny Waves Upon the Shore
Day 3: Create with Whatever Materials You Have
Day 4: Hope in God With Each New Day
Day 5: Thoughtful Moments with Mutual Trust
Day 6: My Story Inspired By Nature
Days 7 & 8: Hold to the Truth of God
Day 9: Plan Your Day but be Open to Wandering
Day 10: Listen With Interest and Intention
Day 11: Remembering the Happy and the Sad
Day 12: Writers Write About What We Know
Day 13: An Invitation
Day 14: Try Again and Don’t Give Up
Day 15: 
Memories Remain in my Heart with Photos and Words
Day 16: Read the Book of Nature by Using Our Senses
Day 17: Grow Food and Cultivate Friendships
Day 18: Share What You Have and Be Blessed
Day 19: Brave Enough to Trust and Keep on Our Path
Day 20: Discover What You Can Right Where You Are
Day 21: Give Abundantly from the Heart
Day 22: 
Darkness is Always Dispelled by Light
Day 23: Work on Projects but Balance with Rest and Play
Day 24: Revise: My Process for Haiku and Photos
Day 25: Because God Created Us, We Can Create
Day 26: Change of Seasons are a Comfort
Day 27: Overcome Fear and Follow Your Calling
Day 28: Connect to God and Friends in our Lives
Day 29: Follow Me and See My Views
Day 30: Refining My Work for Publishing
Day 31: Rest Beside the Flowing Stream